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Armor expands haptic manufacturing

July 7, 2016

hapticThe company, which owns Armor Office Printing, has partnered with Novasentis to manufacture the latter’s “unique haptic actuators” for wearable devices.

In a press release, Armor stated that the “global manufacturing partnership” between it and Novasentis means the latter will be able to take advantage of “Armor’s world-class expertise” for its “goal of high-tech manufacturing of their unique haptic actuators”. Novasentis is said to be the “leading developer of haptic and sensory feedback for wearable devices”, and Armor will now develop the technology “for the wearables mass-market”.

The partnership, Armor, noted, “leverage’s Armor’s expertise in formulation and high-tech volume coating in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to provide speciality films for Novasentis’ haptic actuators”, and both companies are “confident that Armor’s world-class high-speed coating and film-making capability is best positioned in the industry to more than adequately meet the expected demand”.

Both have been working together “for several months and have successfully manufactured prototypes using a roll-to-roll process”, with production expected in early 2017. Novasentis added that the agreement “is yet another key piece” of its manufacturing strategy “to collaborate with industry-leading companies to develop and supply haptic technology for the global market”.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of Armor, commented: “Partnering with Novasentis is a natural part of our strategy to develop high-tech coated films for industrial applications. Armor has a unique know how and history of developing customised industrial and supply capabilities to provide solutions that improve the well-being of people in our contemporary society.

“The wearable technology market fits perfectly within this vision. In addition, we see strong growth potential with Novasentis’ haptic technology.”

Francois Jeanneau, President and CEO of Novasentis, stated: “Armor is a leader in high-performance roll-to-roll coated films. It was inevitable that we aligned ourselves with Armor, as we cannot think of a more appropriate partner who’ll help us realise our long-established goal of being the haptic actuator of choice for the wearable mass-market.”

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