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Armor enters industrial inkjet market

May 3, 2016

a2i_inkproduction_cmyk_300dpiThe remanufacturer has created a new business devoted to industrial inks, and has hired industry veteran Frank de Jonge to work in the new company.

In a press release, the company announced the new business, which is said to be a “response” to “new forward-facing challenges” that are arising from inks being applied to “surfaces made from ever more complex materials”. Such challenges include energy, electronics and air de-pollution, and the new business aims to help by “providing industrial customers with state-of-the-art expertise in industrial inks for digital printing applications”.

Calling the new business a “revolution in the inks market”, Armor stated that “for the first time” it is “opening up its inks expertise to other industrial users”, through “diversifying and launching a new business dedicated to the development and the production of high quality industrial inks”. New applications in “ever more extensive fields” include glass, floors, furniture and textiles, with the “expanding market” for inks and digital printing bringing “more flexibility and adding well-qualified jobs”.

In the medium term, the company’s new industrial inks will be used in “other innovative applications” such as energy and “cutting-edge electronics” like conductive inks for printed electronics, insulation or photo-catalytic inks, which “contribute to cleansing the air”. Additionally, the company has hired industry veteran Frank de Jonge, previously of Sensient, to work in the new business.

The “ambitious project” has seen teams of chemists “mobilised” throughout Europe, with research and development led from France and Germany, and final ink formulation in Germany before manufacturing takes place in Poland. Armor stated that “business has already kicked off”, with its first industrial partnerships put in place at the beginning of the year.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of Armor, commented: “This new business is the fourth pillar in the Armor Group’s expansion. The company’s ambition is to offer innovative technology grounded in sustainable growth. Digital printing is used to print ‘on demand’, eliminating stocks and therefore encouraging material savings in colourings and substrates.

“We are aiming for very high growth markets, making available our world-renowned expertise in inks, our R&D that is resolutely targeted at sustainable growth and our production machinery that is immediately available.”




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