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ARMOR enhances its OWA Print Services

March 14, 2018

Since its launch last year, ARMOR has continued to develop its OWA Print Services, acquiring more than 15 active partners so far and adopting a personalised program tailored to benefit reseller partners.

The Nantes-based company has announced the acceleration of its shift to offering managed services to businesses, explaining that MPS “represent a great opportunity for market participants”.

The company launched OWA Print Services in 2017, acquiring over 15 active partners since, and explains that the appeal of the service “lies in the fact that ARMOR executes the entire service for the partner, who simply has to re-invoice his client and develop his commercial relationship.” As a result, the partner “remains the direct and unique point of contact for the management of their customers’ printing fleet.”

Currently, the company states, “thousands of printers and MFPs are supervised by ARMOR teams on a daily basis”, with over 15 million pages being printed, saving users money while allowing them to enjoy OWA’s ecological benefits. ARMOR states as its goal: “continue on this trend to have more than 10,000 short-term contract machines.”

Now, OWA Print Services has been enhanced by a personalised program “of commercial and technical training for reseller partners, helping them to promote, market and contract the outsourcing printing services.”

Pierre Lefort, Managed Services Manager at ARMOR, explained:

“The strength of ARMOR is to offer a complete service for the management of printers and consumables. We control the consumable, regardless of the brand or technology, which makes us relevant to fleet recovery, and simplifies the switchover from the end customer to the OWA Print Services solution.”


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