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Armor Deutschland hires new Managing Director

November 24, 2016

Tom Strähnz has been appointed to run the remanufacturer in Germany.

Tom Strähnz, new Managing Director at Armor Deutschland

Tom Strähnz, new Managing Director at Armor Deutschland

Digital Imaging (German) reported that Strähnz became the new Managing Director and Sales Director of Armor Deutschland effective as of 1 November, with Miro Vanek – the previous Managing Director – to “remain in the company” and “continue to focus on the inks business for industrial digital printing applications”. Strähnz had previously worked for Turbon “in a leading position in recent years”, with the site noting he has “an excellent network in the industry”.

Digital Imaging added however that he has a “challenging task” ahead, as Armor’s German branch “in recent years” has “not really” performed, “in particular” the B2B laser toner business, which has “increasingly [been] promoted in recent years” but has been “missing at times […] the necessary sales resources”. The site also highlighted Armor Germany’s appointment of Frank De Jonge earlier this year in the industrial business as an example of hiring “another renowned industry expert”.

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