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Armor calls for less dependence on China

May 5, 2020

Armor President, Hubert de Boisredon calls for less dependence on production from China.

Armor, the French manufacturer of photo voltaic films, thermal transfer products and the OWA range of office print consumables took to LinkedIn to comment of Europe’s dependence on China and the need for Europe’s Green Deal.

[Translation from French] Boisredon commented “It’s time to regain our national sovereignty over photovoltaic energy! The Green Deal must support European innovation and production! The situation of the European photovoltaic industry is staggering: 97% of photovoltaic panels are imported. Europe is totally dependent on China.

“At the same time, several French companies, including Armor, are investing heavily on their own funds to innovate in new low-carbon photovoltaic solutions, such as organic photovoltaic films. These innovations could create thousands of jobs. The problem is that public money will support Chinese factories rather than favour innovative French and European productions.

“Public opinion must be aware of this absurdity! The Green Deal should help re-create a European solar industry. Investing billions of euros in a green stimulus package will be useless if it is to run factories in China. To change the situation and create economies of scale, direct orders are needed supported by European states and major energy groups (EDF, Engie, Total in particular) The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to rethink the future. Now is the time to do it.”

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