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Armor awarded third environmental certification

June 24, 2013

Blue AngelTwo laser cartridges certified with Blue Angel  accreditation as company claims it is the only remanufacturer to have three eco labels.

French remanufacturer Armor has announced that its HP 53A and 53X (p2015) laser cartridges have received the Blue Angel environmental certification, with rigorous print testing finding that the emissions from the products are lower than the thresholds defined by the protocol. The products were also required to consist of 75 percent recycled materials and have a satisfactory print performance in terms of print yield and quality.

Armor’s products have already previously received two other eco labels – NF environment and Nordic Ecolabel – and now it claims to be the only remanufacturer on the market to have received three environmental certifications.

The company added that the achievement “reinforces the Armor message on its true commitment to providing environmental product solutions”, noting that the certifications are “not only important for the environment and consumer protection […] but also ensure traceability and quality, as clone cartridges are unable to achieve these certifications”. Furthermore, it reinforces the company’s objective to gain new market share in Germany for its toner business, with Armor intending to have other laser cartridges certified with Blue Angel in the future.

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