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Armor Asia receives Sustainable Business Award

November 17, 2017

The remanufacturer was one of 10 companies recognised for their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts at an awards ceremony held in Singapore last week.

The Asian subsidiary of the French remanufacturing company was handed the “Sustainable Business” award for SMEs, showcasing the company’s “ability to implement its CSR policy outside France.”

Armor revealed that it “intends to progressively bring all of its subsidiaries up international standards, taking into account the socio-cultural contexts of each entity.”

The award, which was presented to the company at a ceremony held on 8 November 2017, is viewed by Armor as an endorsement and validation of “the measures taken at this Singapore production site of 75 people”, which places the company “at the forefront of CSR oriented Singaporean SMEs.”

Mark Day, Vice President and General Manager for Asia, said: “It is an honour to lead Armor Asia’s CSR efforts and to accept the award for Sustainable business on behalf of the entire team and the Armor Group. This award recognises the efforts of all staff and will serve as motivation to reach new levels of excellence in the company’s commitment to CSR”.

In Singapore, the location of the Asian subsidiary, “the Government is actively involved in the CSR dynamic of companies, with Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat pointing out “that sustainable development in business” was crucial for the island’s prosperity. As such, Armor notes, “CSR is a question of collective responsibility – a responsibility that is an integral part of the DNA of Armor.”

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