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ARLINGTON explains new-build benefits

March 18, 2019

The company has been elaborating on the benefits of new-build cartridges.

According to ARLINGTON, with print costs featuring as the “number three expense” for the majority of companies, new-build cartridges offer a “popular, cost-effective alternative” to OEM toner cartridges.

ARLINGTON explains, “New build toner cartridges have not been remanufactured or used before. The shell and all internal components are brand new to ensure image quality and performance. They are similar to OEM cartridges in many ways, however, they can be used in a variety of printers. The main benefit your customers will enjoy with new build toner cartridges is the price. They offer excellent print quality, rivalling that of OEMs, at a much lower cost.”

ARLINGTON was formed last year out of three imaging industry distributors – Arlington Industries, Carolina Wholesale and Digitek. The company has vendor partnerships with OEMs such as Xerox, Canon, Nubeprint and Lexmark and provides a range of products, including printer and copier parts, and office equipment; however, it also offers a line of new-build NXT replacement cartridges.

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