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APS makes important announcement

October 31, 2017

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Shanghai-based APS Photoconductor Co., Ltd has issued a response to an erroneous patent allegation about the company, recently published online.

APS Photoconductor (formerly known as AEG Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.) has made the following statement, after finding an erroneous article published online, naming APS as the holder of Canon’s ‘dongle gear’ patent in both China and Germany.

“APS Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (formerly AEG Photoconductor (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.) regrets to find an article published online on 26 October 2017 which suggested that AEG (Now APS) being the patent holder of Canon’s Toner “Dongle Gear” in China and Germany. Such allegation is entirely untrue. APS vehemently denies such misleading publication and reserves all its rights to take necessary action against the author/publisher of the relevant article.”

APS Photoconductor imports technology for German-based AEG Optoelectronic Imaging Technology Corp. Ltd., which has 40 years’ worth of experience in Research and Development and is a major global producer of OPC drums.

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