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April start for Ricoh’s latest China factory

January 9, 2020

Rebuilding its manufacturing base in China to strengthen its global production capability, Ricoh announced that the factory for office printing machines in Dongguan Guangdong, China will start operations in April 2020.

Ricoh Manufacturing (China) Ltd. was established as part of Ricoh’s strategy to strengthen its global production capability. As a central production site for Ricoh’s office printing machines, the OEM said it will also contribute to further enhancing its accuracy of production planning by using advanced analytics of sales and production data through the IoT (Internet of Things), and installing cutting-edge robots and factory automation to enhance our manufacturing process.

Additionally, by unifying production data and data from the office machines operating at its customer’s locations, the company says it will also be able to further enhance its machines’ quality.

Furthermore, Ricoh explained that its environmental cutting-edge factory works to reduce CO2, by leveraging solar powered equipment, replacement ventilation and air conditioning systems, natural lighting and natural ventilation to support a decarbonised society. A Certification of Green Building Design Label “3 stars”, the highest level of the certification”, is scheduled to be obtained in April 2020.

With the start of production at the new manufacturing organisation, existing production sites in China will be reorganised. Production at Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd. will end in the spring of 2020 and production at Ricoh Components & Products (Shenzhen) Ltd. will end in the autumn of 2020.

Through this reorganisation of production sites, Ricoh says it will accelerate the construction of next-generation systems that leverage digital technology in a global production system. In addition, it will strengthen parallel production of multifunction devices in cooperation with Ricoh Manufacturing (Thailand) Ltd. Rayong Province.

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