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Apex wins innovation award

September 28, 2020

Apex announced it has won the 2019 China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology award.

At the summit of the World Semiconductor Conference 2020 held on 26 August Apex’s project “Security Chip based on Domestic Multi-core CUPs” won the 2019 China Semiconductor Innovation Product and Technology award.

Apex explained that the Security Chip Dachuan launched by Geehy Semiconductor (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apex) is based on domestic T-head XuanTie CPU multi-core (dual-core, four-core and even seven-core) heterogeneous architecture. The entire system makes a breakthrough in the use of trusted CPU and secure CPU, which has built the trusted execution environment and embedded iSE security unit, as well as the security mechanism customised with 19 items. Apex added that it is able to prevent it from multiple attacks like time attack, power analysis attack, wrong injection, buffer overflow, etc., as well as avoid attacks to the sensitive data, thus guaranteeing the key information transmission and device connection is secure, stable, and reliable.

As a leading global supplier of printer cartridge chip solutions, Apex has 16 years of experience in the printer industry with capabilities in 8/16/32-bit CPUs and DSP independent design and powerful encryption and decryption and anti-attack technologies. The self-developed integrated circuit chips have won the Best Market Performance Award seven times. Apex said it has sold over 500 million security chips based on domestic CPUs.

Apex and Geehy said they will continue to deepen the innovative applications for security chips in industrial control, automobile electronics, smart transportation, smart home, smart resources, providing more high-quality chip products and application solutions to accelerate the development of domestic chip industrialisation.

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