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Apex Technology changes name

June 1, 2017

The company has changed its name from Zhuhai Apex Technology Corporation to Ninestar Corporation.

Ninestar reported in a press release that during the fifth board meeting held on 30 August 2016 and the shareholders meeting on 20 September of the same year motions to change the company name were “upheld” and accordingly the new corporate name will be Ninestar Corporation.

The company is dominant in the printer industry being a key player in the production of IC chips, cartridge components, print consumables as well as OEM and laser printers all the way through to MPS. Originally known as Ninestar, the company was a renowned name in the industry and reflected its Chinese interpretation of “embrace the diversity of thoughts and achieve common dreams” in its business strategies.

The decision to go back to the original name will see the stock name changed to Ninestar while the stock code will remain the same “002180” and this will be effective from the 26 May. Ninestar Image will continue as such and will “continue to provide quality products and service for customers through the integration of components and printer technology” supported by Ninestar Corporation.


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