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Apex launches wide range of new chips

October 27, 2016

The company has produced inkjet and laser chips for a variety of cartridges for different OEMs.apexchips

The first launches were replacement Epson chips for the EP-709A series, with the colour MFPs launched in Japan this September. The Apex chips include black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan and light magenta chips for the Japanese market, and utilise the company’s ASIC design and SmartMatch technology.

Other replacement chips for similar series were launched as well, including CMYK chips for the WorkForce WF-2630, 2650, 2660, 2750 and 2760 printers in North America; CMYK chips for the Expressoin Home Xp-220, 320, 324, 420, WorkForce WF02630, 2650, 2660 and 2750 in Australia; and CMYK plus light magenta and cyan chips for the EP-707A, 777A, 807AB, 807AR, 807AW, 808AB, 808AR, 808AW, 907F, 977A3 and 978A3 printers in Japan.

Finally two black and CMY chips were launched in Japan for the PX-M650A and 650F; a colour chip for the PF-70 and 81; black and colour chips for the PX-S05B and S05W; and black and colour chips for the WorkForce WF-100W. Apex also launched replacement Ricoh chips for the SP 5300DN, 5310DN, 501SPF and 601SPF machines, which are monochrome lasers that were launched in the USA in June. Apex stated that it was “first-to-market” with the chips, which feature a yield of 25,000 pages.

With inkjet chips, the company also revealed a range of releases for Epson cartridges. These included CMYK chips with yields of 500 pages in black and 450 pages in colours for the Expression Premium XP-430, 330 and 434 in North America; CMYK chips for the XP-231 and 431 in South America; and CMYK plus pigment black chips, with yields of 500 pages in black and 650 pages in pigment black and colours for the XP-530, 630, 540, 640 and 900 machines in both North America and Australia.

In terms of laser chips, it launched a variety of chips for use in Samsung and Ricoh machines, with the Samsung launch including CMYK chips, with yields of 1,650 pages in black and 1,100 pages in colour, for: the SL-C430W; 430; 432W; 432; 433W; 433; 480FW; 480; 480FN; 480W; 482; 482FW; 482W; 483; 483W; and 483FW. Finally, for Ricoh it launched a black chip with a yield of 1,500 pages for the SP 150, 150SU, 150W and 150SUW.

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