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Apex holds supplier conference

October 24, 2016

An image from the conference at Apex' headquarters

An image from the conference at Apex’ headquarters

The company’s conference was held at its headquarters earlier this month.

The conference, held on 14 October, had the theme of ‘Innovation Driven Future’, with global suppliers to the company invited and attending the event. The company noted that the conference aimed to answer two questions: “how to achieve healthy and sustainable development?” and “how to create competitive products and service?”; and adding that these are “really worth thinking about” in a “maturing industry”.

Apex was “glad to see that consumers [have] become more and more rational and they have an increasing acceptance of compatible consumables, now the scale of [the] aftermarket is growing and the demands for quality and cost-effective patented products are higher and higher”. With the industry “calling [for] responsible and honest manufacturers”, it added that “hundreds of suppliers from all over the world sat together to discuss the future development and win-win strategy”.

The event also saw “group executives [take] to the stage as well”, including Wei Yan, President of Apex Technology, Jason Wang, Senior Vice President and Song Hong, Executive Vice President. Hong “not only shared her experience in integrating supply chain resources” during the Lenovo-IBM acquisition, but “also showed the achievements we have made and follow-up work we need to optimise in supply chain resource integration” to the audience.

Apex added that “looking back, for over decades [of] development, Apex Technology always keeps technology innovation and takes quality as the priority”, with Wang expressing that the company “insists [on] working together with our partners for [the] common interest”, and concluding that “Apex Technology and our suppliers will support each other and share the technology to win the future together!”

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