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Another Katun employee celebrates 20 years

January 13, 2017

Priscilla van Straten, who works in Customer Order Fulfilment, celebrated 20 years of employment with Katun Corporation.


Cornelis Alderlieste, Marketing Director EAME for the company, posted on LinkedIn that van Straten, who works in the company’s Customer Order Fulfilment office – “has been with Katun for 20 years”, and congratulated her on a great achievement. Last year, Katun congratulated another employee, Leo Kooistra – the company’s Technical Team Manager – for 20 years of service as well.

The company also launched its new marketplace web portal  for buying and selling equipment, while last October it launched a new marketing video to promote its products in Europe, as well as announce  that it had launched over 100 new colour products.


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