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Annodata short listed for Business Awards

May 27, 2016

Awards-300x200The MPS provider is a finalist at the Comms Business Awards.

The 2016 awards will take place in London 16 June and will recognise companies for their hard work in the industry. After years of successful turnover, profit growth, diversification and development, Annodata has been recognised in the “Sunday Times Fastrack 100 publication”, said the company’s report.

The company has strong relationships with important industry wholesalers and a strong commitment to customer service. Annodata’s annual revenue is £80 million (€104 million) which is up from £68.9 million (€90 million) in 2015 and is on track to its projected goal of £100 million (€131 million) by the end of 2016.

“One of the key contributing factors to Annodata’s success is the fact that we have the ability to supply a broad range of services, which allows us to establish deeper relationships with our customers as they look to streamline the number of suppliers they work with,” said Rod Tonna-Barthet, Annodata’s CEO, “Annodata continues to maintain very strong balance sheets, never having had to rely on bank funding, and we have grown significantly thanks to a healthy mix of organic growth and acquisitions. We have experienced many changes over the past few years, but certain things will always remain the same,” he continued, “a commitment to nurturing staff, the consistent support we provide our customers and the application of innovative technology, ensuring that we stay on top form.  We are delighted that the efforts of the team are being recognised with this recommendation as a finalist in the Reseller the Year category at the Comms Business Awards,” the CEO concluded.



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