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Annodata secures Scottish contract

June 12, 2017

The Managed Services Provider (MSP) has been awarded a place on the Scottish National Framework for Office Equipment (SNFOE).

The company announced in a press release that it will act as a “trusted advisor to the public sector in Scotland” and is committed to the “public sector organisation in Scotland”.

The SNFOE aims to get the best value for its money in the public sector offering “consistent national pricing” of all office equipment including MFPs and other services. Eight suppliers have been awarded a place in the SNFOE and Annodata is one of these that will have to complete a tender under EU procurement regulations.

The company has already won a place on the Central Buying Consortium (CBC) and the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) as well as the NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) AND Rod Tonna-Barhet, CEO, Annodata, said: “The public sector is an extremely important area for Annodata and we understand the importance of supporting innovation, efficiency and cost-effectiveness as this sector comes under increasing pressure to contain expenditure and become more accountable for how it spends taxpayers’ money. While some organisations have made great strides in reimagining their print estates, along with other aspects of their office equipment, many still have ample room for improvement.

“We have helped countless public sector organisations navigate a safe and secure path to cost reduction and efficiency and we are excited about growing our presence in Scotland even further. This position builds on our strong Scottish client base and means that we can bolster our support for public sector businesses in this region.”

 He also commented: “Following the acquisition of Annodata by our longstanding partner Kyocera Corporation, our newly formed structure stands to benefit the Scottish public sector by providing access to leading products and services at more competitive prices and at wider reaching service levels. We are delighted to have earned our place on this framework and look forward to maintaining our commitment to the public sector.”

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