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Andy Mayfield demonstrates cartridge sealing technique

September 17, 2012

CR Technology Managing Director releases video and directions on how to seal cartridges using sealing tape and transport clips.

Following on from his previous blogpost regarding transport clips, which was reported by The Recycler in August, CR Technology’s Andy Mayfield has provided instructions on how to seal printer cartridges using the transport clips and blue sealing tape, offering step-by-step instructions on his website and a video demonstration of the process on Youtube.

Beginning by ensuring that the cartridge is clean and that the copper around the print head is dry, Mayfield explains that the next step should be to “dispense about 50mm of 13mm wide blue tape and lay it over the print head, from the heel of the cartridge to the front of the cartridge”. Following this, he states that the tape should be pressed down “with confidence”, without moving your thumb until the remove board has been placed down the side of the cartridge and the cartridge has been placed into the transport clip.

The transport clips can be purchased from CR Technology, with HP, Lexmark and Canon clips being available at a price of £10 ($16.28/€12.36) for 50 clips, while the blue sealing tape can be purchased for £19.60 ($31.85/€24.22).

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