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Amplify builds lead generation

July 26, 2019

Clover Imaging Group’s marketing services division, Amplify, announced newly developed websites for Edwards Business Systems (EBS) and Virginia Business Systems (VBS).

Talking about the project, the company said through its robust digital development platform, the brands, which previously shared a single website, have been split into two highly targeted websites to drive local lead generation. The new websites have been designed to generate sales, bolster user engagement and create a more enriching user experience.

“Clover didn’t just overhaul our website, they helped us solve a pressing business challenge,” said Ray Fuentes, President of Edwards Business Systems. “Through two websites, we’re enabled to speak to our customers at a local, relevant level. We can deliver the experience they deserve.”

“Today’s customers expect more than a website. They want a fantastic brand experience. Our enhanced website allows us to meet the customers where they’re at – by presenting them with useful content and the service and support they need, fast,” said Jim Dotter, President of Virginia Business Systems.

Amplify explained, the two new websites have been redeveloped first and foremost to help EBS and VBS generate leads in their specific geographic regions. At the development level, Clover ensured that the websites were responsive, allowing users to have an enjoyable experience from any device. Additionally, modern content features were incorporated on the front end, such as a resource-rich blog, packed with information to guide customers through the sales process. Plus, the redesign supports a strong search engine optimization (SEO) framework.

It’s always rewarding to see partners like Edwards Business Systems and Virginia Business Systems realize the full rewards of an inbound marketing strategy. It all begins with a thoughtful website, built with the customer experience in mind,” said Aaron Dyck, SVP of Marketing for Clover Imaging Group.

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