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Amazon delays deliver better opportunities

March 24, 2020

Last week Amazon announced that it was prioritising deliveries to essentials, amid the COVID-19 outbreak all over the world. As a result of these changes, printer supplies ordered via Amazon are delayed by up to a month.

Due to the high demand on its Prime express shipping service in the US and Europe, Amazon recently announced that it was prioritising shipments for essential items in the US. Even those seem to be delayed up to a five-day delivery though, according to reports. 

The shipping delays have been flagged on social media by customers and merchants as the company wrestled with massive demand. Non-essential items and VOX is explicitly listing printer ink as such, are currently showing a delivery delay of up to a month according to the tech news website Recode, which first reported the issue.

As the pandemic grows and more people are homebound, significant delivery delays will continue as more people turn to online purchasing. 

The print sector has responded with special promotions and printer some options. Clover is offering a refurbished inkjet printer and ink for as low as $32.99 / €30.30 (plus shipping). 

In the UK, My Total Office Solutions has their Infinity printer programme specifically for families, home workers, self-employed & home-based businesses. For a monthly or annual fee, you receive the latest ‘fit for purpose’ home rated multi-function inkjet printer with unlimited replacement cartridges with service & support (fix or replace) all included. 

The UK and German Prime service still seem to be delivering to the one-day delivery promise.

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