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Alleged cartridge scam in Zimbabwe

May 13, 2016

00330910_72dfa8939248e88f08016cd683a32991_arc614x376_w292_us1Couple accused of failing to declare interest in a “company that supplied goods” including cartridges to a university.

A husband and wife who worked for Midlands State University (MSU) both denied the charges against them, and instead counter-accused the Chairman of the university, Canaan Dube, of “fabricating the charges in order to settle personal scores”. Mamelo Moyo and her husband Melusi Moyo failed to inform their employer that they “had an interest in a company that supplied goods to the institution”, reported allAfrica.

The prosecution alleges that some time in December 2013, Mamelo called her brother in law, Tinashe Shumba, who was then based in Botswana, and asked him to supply “toner cartridges to MSU”. After sending a quote for 25 cartridges, Shumba delivered them on 22 February 2014. Mamelo authorised the payment of $9,860 (€8,640) immediately “from the MSU register”. Shumba allegedly gave Mamelo $200 (€175) in appreciation for the arrangement. MSUs policy is that three quotes should be sought.

The site added that “they are facing charges of corruptly concealing from a principal a personal interest in a transaction as defined in section 173(1)(a)(1) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act”. Both are out on bail, but on appearing in court the pair said that they had declared interests in their company. Mamelo “faces a separate charge of criminal abuse of office”, as she was the former bursar at MSU. Her husband was the “acting director of works with the higher learning institution”.

Further allegations from the state say that on 26 October 2015, after “MSU received a tip off”, Mamelo and her husband had “an undisclosed relationship with the institution’s suppliers of stationary and computer accessories, Netabelt Investments”. MSU ordered an investigation but Mamelo tried to cover her tracks and ordered her assistants to sign “declaration forms that authenticated registration of conflict of interest”.

The investigators then found that “Melusi, through Netabelt Investments, had three transactions worth $36,857 (€32,299) with MSU” and that these were “processed through tender processes for supplying stationery”. Furthermore Mamelo was a member of the university’s “tender adjudication committee” did not divulge a conflict of interest. On receipt of the stationary she approved a cash payment to her husband.

Further allegations are that Melusi had 24 transactions through his company, worth $154,393 (€136,065) with MSU for stationery and food. Throughout these transactions neither declared conflict of interest.




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