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Aksel named one of top consumable distributors

September 8, 2016

The communication sent out by Aksel

The communication sent out by Aksel

The Turkish company was celebrated by Bilisim500.

In a communication to customers and the industry, Aksel – which sells consumer products, remanufacturing components and printer parts – stated that “according to the Top 500 IT Companies 2015 report, in the category of IT consumables”, it was “proud to be among” the “top 10 consumable distributor[s] among all OEM vendors”. This, the company added, meant it had “again certified our position as the number one compatible supplies distributor in Turkey”.

Bilism500, or ICT 500, is a corporate group “structured with a mission of ‘providing agenda and adding value to the ICT sector’”, and which “continues creating, developing and actualising leading projects in areas related to value-adding services for many years”. The group focuses on Turkish ICT with “an objective of developing and presenting informative tools for [the] business world to use technology more effectively and consciously”.

As part of this, it presents “deliberate research” into the industry with the top 500 IT companies’ list, which orders the businesses “according to their turnover”, and categorising them “according to the field of activities and visions on the market to the public each year with great pride”. Aksel added that as a company, “we deeply thank all our partners for their trust and support”. The company is both “a distributor and the representative of many well-known European companies”, and entered the hardcopy imaging market in 1989.

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