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A typical day at GIT Dubai

July 14, 2014

GIT Dubai's Andreea Olteanu. Credit Jeffrey E Biteng - The National

GIT Dubai’s Andreea Olteanu. Credit Jeffrey E Biteng – The National

Article presents a day in the life of a sales consultant at Dubai-based remanufacturer German Imaging Technology.

The National profiled a day in the shoes of German Imaging Technology (GIT) Sales Consultant Andreea Olteanu, who relocated from her home country of Romania to Abu Dhabi in 2011 before moving to Dubai and joining GIT in 2012.

Beginning work at 8am, Olteanu describes the first hour of her day as the part where she spends time in the office “checking emails, sorting out my schedule, making phone calls” as she uses the morning for administration tasks and the afternoon for being out of the office at meetings making sales pitches.

By 9am, she is making phone calls, explaining: “To make sales we have to check out the companies in Dubai and across the UAE. We have to know how many staff they have, what type of printers they have, what sort of usage they have. Everybody uses printers so we can save everybody money, but it is important we go into a sales meeting with some hard facts and knowledge about what sort of savings we can offer. We get the information by phone and then we schedule a meeting with the IT department or the purchase department.”

On a typical day, Olteanu said, “I usually have between five and seven meetings”. She noted that “it’s a simple pitch” for her to make to companies, with the main focus being the ability to save “30 to 40 percent of your printing costs and help the environment” as “we recycle all the parts of the toner cartridge in an ecological way”.

Travelling is a significant part of Olteanu’s job as her role covers “all the Northern Emirates”, and so she “can be in Ras Al Khaimah one day talking to a big corporation and in Dubai the next day talking to a government ministry as the Dubai Government is one of our customers”. She added that the market for cartridge recycling in the region is “huge”, with 100,000 companies registered in the UAE. According to Olteanu, this means that there is the potential to save “150,000 litres of oil” if GIT replaced one toner cartridge per company per month as “you need 1.5 litres of oil” to produce each toner cartridge.

At lunchtime, Olteanu highlights the opportunity to “mix business and pleasure” through lunch meetings, which she added “allow you to understand a customer’s needs far easier than the office environment”.

Between 3pm and 5pm, meetings dominate, with Olteanu meeting with big groups such as the Alshaya representatives and Al Futtaim, who “are heavy users of toner”; as well as with SMEs.

The article ends with the rest of Olteanu’s day taken up with everyday activities such as spending time catching up with family and friends, exercising and eating.

The Recycler visited GIT Dubai’s offices last year, and you can read an interview with CEO Dr Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi in issue 246.

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