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A new self-service MPS offer?

July 20, 2017

Lyreco in the UK and Ireland entered the MPS market with a new service called “Simple Print”.

“Simply Print” is a managed print solution from Lyreco Print Services. Businesses only need to fill in an online form and the contract will be emailed. The service includes the supplies management software, automated ordering of supplies, fixing pricing on supplies for three years, three years on site repairs and next day service and the printers free on loan for three years.

When choosing the service, the customer can choose the device themselves that they believe is the right one for their need.  Lyreco will deliver those devices to the customer, along with the starter pack which includes their enhanced warranty, helpline numbers, software install and print drivers.

The pricing is based on the customer paying for the starter pack which includes all the software needed and then for each cartridge that is ordered as and when it is ordered. When supplies are automatically ordered when the device is showing low ink or toner, they simply get added to the invoice so there is no extra billing involved for the customer.

Currently, the offered devices only include Lexmark, HP and Brother devices.

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