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July 7, 2015

Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks

Chris Brooks, Managing Director of Promax Imaging, talks exclusively to The Recycler about the new opportunities that are widening the portfolio of services that Promax Imaging is offering.

After more than 15 years in business, how do you see the market now? 

Since the early days of 2000, our core business has been supporting the inkjet remanufacturing community, but that industry is changing. There are fewer companies actively engaged in inkjet refilling, but the volumes of cartridges being refilled is increasing, which is the really good news.

How has that impacted on you?

That has been a challenge in recent years: as the amount of ink the OEM uses in a cartridge is reduced, it follows that the amount of ink needed in a refilled cartridge is reduced as well. So ink sales have remained flat, despite a growth in the number of cartridges refilled. At the same time there has been growth in other parts of our business like filling technology, clips, R&D etcetera, and it is these areas of the business that are growing domestically and internationally now.

How has the profile of your customers changed?

Our customers are primarily ink remanufacturers who refill office ink cartridges, but they also provide a wide variety of other ink related services. Wide-format, speciality inks, edible inks etcetera, and we have adapted our offering to their needs. Simple really,:give the customers what they want, when they want it. The challenge is to stay ahead of the curve.

You are no longer the exclusive distributor for OCP – how will that affect you?

We have had a long and productive relationship with OCP, and we will continue to supply their ink to the UK market. Today we are looking at a different business landscape, and our business has grown and developed in the UK and internationally as our customer needs have changed and developed. But more so today we need the widest range of supply partners that enable us to meet our customers’ tough demands and high expectations.

What changes will your customers see?

Not much really – the same people, the same service, but a wider offering of products and services, and all backed by Promax Imaging and its reputation for product excellence.

What other plans are there for Promax Imaging in the future?

We have recently become involved in the supply of dyes and pigment dispersions to the cosmetics industry. Our wealth of knowledge and experience of inks has made this a logical step for us. There are stringent RoHS and health and safety requirements for cosmetics, and this is a premium growth area for our business. We also have a range of food dyes, suitable for use in printers to make cake decorations and similar products, and a good market in sublimation inks and wide-format solvent and aqueous printer inks are now being developed.

What is your outlook for the industry?

The industry follows the OEMs, and we follow the industry, though hopefully we sit just ahead of the industry so that we can bring products and services to the market in a timely manner. The traditional retail ink shop concept is changing – there are more online offerings now, but there is always a demand for quality products and increasingly in niche areas that are new and emerging for ink remanufacturers.

Andy and the Promax Imaging team  can be contacted at +44 (0) 1538 722 121 – visit the website at


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