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5 tips for managing print

August 10, 2018

A recent article published by Printing Impressions offers five helpful tips for companies to bear in mind as they manage their print on the way to digital.

As the article explains, despite rumours to the contrary, print is still highly popular among consumers despite not being as interactive as digital. Roughly 70 percent of consumers “choose to receive their most essential communications, like statements and bills” in print form, according to findings by Keypoint Intelligence.

Customer “preferences and regulations create the need to marry these two communication strategies to achieve the optimal experience”. The article also explains that “companies are facing increased pressure to lower print and mail costs while addressing declining volumes, outdated equipment and upcoming lease renewals.”

While many companies opt to go digital as a way of off-setting these costs, “creating value and revenue, by also leveraging print communications” could actually prove to be more effective in the long-term.

The article goes on to list five ways in which companies could get the “most value” out of such a combined strategy.

  1. Targeted mailing

According to the article, “companies are opting to move away from mass mailings and their associated expense”. By utilising propensity modelling and analytical tools, the “most profitable, qualified prospects” can be identified and mailings targeted accordingly.

  1. The personal touch

A whopping 86 percent of consumers have revealed that “personalisation plays a role in their purchasing decisions”, resulting in many organisations “adding personalised marketing offers on every component of the print package”. The use of colour is also a great way to make an impact on consumers, with the capability of improving readership by 40 percent and boosting comprehension by up to 73 percent.

  1. Creative packaging

The article also explains that “creative packaging has been added to the mix”, with different strategies being used by companies, such as sending investors “a clear polywrap of their annual report” or by combining sealed envelopes in one larger package in order to optimise mailing and lower costs.

  1. Something sticky

Encourage consumers to go digital by “embedding a sticky note” within the envelopes you send out. This method was used by one particular company and resulted in their digital adoption rate more than doubling within the first two months.

  1. Opt for outsourcing

Outsourcing is becoming increasingly more attractive to organisations, and these days, due to new technology, the barriers toward using it have been removed.

The article concludes by explaining that print is still “an effective customer touchpoint” and that as you transition to digital, it is crucial to “understand your true costs, consider the quality of your communications and how they create value for your customers, and stay ahead with innovative omnichannel technologies” which will prepare you for the future.


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