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5 mins with Jan Toonders, CEO and founder, Copyclic

February 14, 2020

Jan founded his printer distribution business in 2007. Having worked in the copier and parts distribution business for the majority of his career, Jan is an expert in tying together good customer experiences with traditional distribution, with a deep understanding of product sourcing and how to leverage it.

Tell me about Copyclic

We are based in Ormoy, France and since 2007, our mission is to help customers get their job done. Generating more revenue and margin and encouraging customers not only to make a first purchase, but to return again and again, are key objectives for Copyclic. In order to achieve this, we take a lot of effort to research and source that deliver value for our customers who in turn deliver their customers’ needs. I recognised how difficult it is to access quality products and service and deliver a seamless experience across channels.

The daily DNA of Copyclic is to solve these problems. Copyclic has successfully established itself as a major player in the distribution of compatible printing consumables across the wholesaler, reseller, retail and franchise store channels.

You recently attended Paperworld, how was the show for you?

It was an action-packed week at the show meeting customers, suppliers and taking in some of the seminars and it is always good to network and discuss our brand, current products, and meet the ECS team to talk over the project now we have been part of ECS’s distributor scheme for over two years.

How is the ECS distributorship working out?

The ECS distributorship has given us unlimited access to premium remanufactured OEM alternative products on demand, including toners, drums, developers, chips and waste toner bottles.

Having the quality and reputation of ECS’s remanufactured products behind our brand is of huge benefit to us. Our customers are able to take advantage of our offering of quality, performance and reliability on a consistent basis that they can’t get elsewhere, which of course provides us with a huge competitive advantage.

Why did you choose ECS?

It is great having access to premium remanufactured products, but it is also the accreditations that come with ECS products, including ISO certification. ISO is very important for us as a respected distributor whose reputation goes hand-in-hand with our products. Our ISO certified products provide clarity and confirmation to our customers that they will always deliver results to a certain standard.

ECS won two awards, did you vote for them?

Of course, I voted for them and I am delighted at their achievement. Winning both of these awards is fantastic. One of the biggest benefits for Copyclic is that these awards reflect well for us too. Any success for ECS’s brand is a huge success for Copyclic and these two awards represent how fantastic our products really are in comparison with other products from around the globe.


For further information on ECS’s Authorised Distributor Scheme please contact

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