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5 mins with Ian McIntyre, Sales Director at PCL Direct Group

February 27, 2020

Ian McIntyre from PCL Direct Group

Ian and fellow director David Higgott founded the business in 2015, and both of them have worked in the UK copier sector for the majority of their careers. Ian heads up the sales using his vast network of contacts, while David focuses on production, R&D and all things technical. In April 2018 Andrew Ellis joined the management team bringing his OEM and international sales experience to the business. More recently, William Pither, a highly experienced Financial Director, joined PCL Direct Group to assist in managing their growth plans scheduled for 2020 and 2021.

Tell me about the PCL Direct Group

PCL Direct Group Ltd are a UK manufacturing and distribution company based in Coventry. Remanufacturing OEM Polymerised Toners, Imaging and Drum Units, Fuser, Developer and Transfer Belt Units for Konica Minolta, Develop, Olivetti MFD’s and printers. We specialise in remanufacturing the full range of Konica Minolta A3 and A4 Colour products from Fuser Units to Toners. The business has grown, and you will find our products on sale in 28 countries. In the pipeline is the launch of remanufactured products from Ricoh, Kyocera and Lexmark products to keep up with customer requirements and demands.

Hardware as well?

Yes, we produce a range of Eco Direct remanufactured machines that are fully refurbished in our UK Workshop and are certified to work with remanufactured and OEM consumables and all the machines come with a six month warranty.

Hardware is an important part of the mix that has been growing steadily. In 2018, we invested heavily in a new hardware division which resulted in the UK exclusivity for Sindoh products. Not the most famous OEM brand, but Sindoh is one of the largest office equipment and 3D manufacturers in the world working in partnership with well-known and recognised OEM’S. This tie-up with Sindoh will enable us to expand into A4 Colour and Industrial 3D products that will require service and support, so it’s a very profitable solution for our Authorised Sindoh Partners.

How circular are you?

We actively promote the circular economy principles and through our R&D we put this into practice across our remanufactured product lines. Slowly the world is waking up to the fact that the take-make-dispose concept is bad for us all.

Our thinking is that the circular economy model delivers a greener solution for our environment for now and for the future and at the same time reduces plastic, chemical waste, pollution and energy resources.

Educating the market that “End of Life products” can in fact be used for 2nd or 3rd life cycle is a winning challenge. And a cost-effective alternative to brand new replacement products.

You recently attended Paperworld, how was the show for you?

It is always a busy show for us meeting customers and suppliers and taking in some of the seminars. We want to keep up with where the industry is at and the latest trends and opportunities. We consistently return from the show with either new concepts to investigate or make new contacts which usually grow into long term business relationships.  Look out for this year’s new product line soon to be released!

How do you see the market?

We have invested a lot of time and money during the past 18 months, which is now paying dividend. The company has been growing by 33% year on year for the past three years, with revenues forecast to achieve more than 5 million pounds in 2021. I think we are bucking the trend at the moment.

What’s next?

It’s an exciting time for the company as we continue to invest in new products and services and strengthen all of our channels. It is a visibly contracting industry, but as I said before, we are bucking the trend, which shows that the overall quality of products, customer service and financial savings given to our partners is well perceived, as our customers are spending more and referring our products and services to new partners.

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