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49 percent of home office workers opt for inkjet printers

November 14, 2011

Versatility and inexpensive initial costs noted as appealing.

Technology website PC Advisor has revealed the results of a recent poll asking “For your home office, do you prefer an inkjet or a laser printer?” The poll was completed by 529 people, with 49 percent of participants opting for an inkjet printer.

PC Advisor speculates the result is due to the versatility offered with “relatively inexpensive initial costs” and are no longer considered expensive to maintain with lower ink costs and higher efficiencies.

Laser printers were the second most popular choice, being the choice of 31 percent of respondents. PC Advisor had previously predicted the laser printer’s dominance in the poll, being “traditionally associated with high speed printing and cheap running costs” but lamented the lack of versatility, “as lasers are unlikely to reproduce photos well, for instance”.

14 percent responded preferring to utilise both inkjet and laser printers in their home offices.

Only two percent said they do not have a printer in their home office, and an alarming four percent stated they were unaware of the difference between a laser and an inkjet printer.

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