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43 percent don’t know how to recycle electronics

October 12, 2015

ewaste webA survey of over 1,000 UK households found that a further 57 percent want to find out how to recycle, highlighting the need to improve education, a WEEE compliance scheme has said.

Philip Morton, Chief Executive of REPIC, wrote in Materials Recycling World that the findings challenge any complacency about the UK reaching its WEEE recycling target of 500,000 tonnes.

He said the results were overall “encouraging” with “plenty of good intentions” and many people eager to learn how to recycle their waste properly, with the interest of young people particularly positive. Morton added that “education about the importance of recycling WEEE…is the key to facilitating behavior changes in consumers”.

The survey found that one in 10 hoard old electricals instead of recycling them properly, with more than a third unaware that cookers, tumble dryers and dishwashers can be recycled.


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