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3D printer filling kit released

May 28, 2015

Canada Power’s 3D Pro Cartridge Filler and Refill kit will allow powder-based 3D printer cartridges to be refilled.3D_filler_1L_kit_1200

In a press release, the company – a subsidiary of Digital Sign Technologies – has produced the 3D Pro Cartridge Filler and Refill Kit, which it says “provides a mess-free way to refill the binder cartridges” of both Zcorp and ProJet x60 3D printers.

These powder-based 3D printers are the machines used by businesses in manufacturing, and the company said it is “innovating new products that increase the ease of use of 3D printing materials” for such companies. The filler and refill kit are said to provide both a “mess-free way” to refill the cartridges and help “cut waste”, with users of the machines finding “all aftermarket materials are supplied in bulk packaging” including bottles.

This means users “struggle to refill their cartridges with alternative inks”, and the new product allows businesses to “save by at least 50 percent” on their material costs, alongside “zero binder waste”. The company concluded that “reducing costs is important for small business owners”.

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