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$200,000 of counterfeit HP printing supplies seized in Malaysia

May 9, 2013

Credit MIS Asia

Credit MIS Asia

Over 2,000 fake toner cartridges were seized by Malaysian law enforcement officials.

MIS Asia reports that HP has conducted further counterfeiting raids, this time in Malaysia where law enforcement officials have seized thousands of counterfeit toner cartridges worth almost $200,000 (€152,000).

According to a statement from HP, the ongoing investigation aims to “identify the entity’s downstream customers, upstream suppliers and any related facilities”; with Jimmy Kwok, Anti-Counterfeit Manager, Printing and Personal Systems at HP Asia Pacific and Japan, explaining that “counterfeit print cartridges run several risks, ranging from substantial print quality to printer downtime due to damage by inferior counterfeit supplies”, adding that the OEM “will continue to work closely with local authorities to combat the fraudulent manufacture, distribution and sale of counterfeit HP supplies products and protect our customers”.

Kwok added: “HP appreciates the commitment and support of the Malaysian authorities in protecting consumers and businesses against the illegal actions of counterfeiters, who deceive customers into thinking they are buying genuine goods.”

In the Asia Pacific region alone, HP claims to have seized over 25 million units of counterfeit cartridges and components in the last four years, with Kwok noting: “On a global level, HP maintains an aggressive approach to anti-counterfeiting and has conducted more than 4,600 investigations in 88 countries over the last four years. This activity has resulted in the seizure of more than 36 million units of counterfeit printing cartridges and components worldwide over the same period.”

The Recycler has recently reported on HP’s anti-counterfeiting activity, with raids being conducted by HP and law enforcement officials in Russia (, Saudi Arabia (, and India, where consumables dealers claimed that they were being wrongly harassed by the OEM and that HP had not followed correct procedures (

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