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September 23, 2019

The Dutch online retailer has announced that it has won an ABN AMRO Webshop award.

The ABN AMRO ‘Webshop Awards’ focus on online retailers. both pure players and web shops with physical stores can participate in this election. As a winner, the webstore can carry the ‘Webshop Awards the Netherlands’ for one year. To win the title of ‘Webshop Awards the Netherlands’ a company needs at least 380 reviews.

More than 220,000 consumers chose their favourite retail chains and web shops from more than 500 retailers. There are 30 categories for ‘ABN AMRO Best Store Chain in the Netherlands’ and 27 categories for ‘ABN AMRO Webshop Award the Netherlands’.

Taking to social media, shared that during the ABN AMRO Webshop Awards it was named the best Webshop in the categories of Office articles and electronics.

Commenting on the win, said: “To all our customers and partners: Thank you! We are very proud of these amazing prizes!”

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