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Pantum to be released in MENA

October 18, 2012

First aftermarket printer to see release in the Middle East and North Africa as Ninestar bid to enter the world’s top five printer manufacturers.

Ninestar Group has announced that the Pantum, the world’s first aftermarket printer, will be launched in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) as the Chinese manufacturer bids to enter the top five global printer manufacturers “within the next few years”, reports

The Pantum laser printers are reportedly aimed at small office/home office (SOHO) and small-to-medium businesses (SMB) printer users, as well as channel partners, and the Pantum 1000 and 2000 series, MFP 5200 and P3000 series printers were on display at the GITEX trade show.

Ninestar CEO Jackson Wang commented: “With several years of experience in the printing industry, Pantum has successfully entered the global printing market and is the first printer manufacturer using its own technology in China. Our mission is to provide global printer users with cost-effective and high quality printing solutions and we are excited to offer a new choice to users on the MENA market, offering a new alternative to the big monopolies.”

Robert Liang, Sales Manager for the MENA region, Ninestar, added: “We are looking forward to having new partners who can work closely with us and add value to our brand. Pantum is launching in a few weeks in South Africa and the SADC countries with events in three major cities and a series of road shows.”

The Pantum printers are said to have received a positive reception, with Buyer’s Laboratory Inc. Lab Manager Pete Emory speaking of their reliability.

“We were quite impressed with reliability of the Pantum P2000 and P2050 […] Both units sailed through a rigorous 20,000-impression test with no misfeeds or malfunctions. This is especially significant because most competitive printers have duty cycles that are only a fraction of that of the Pantum devices.”

The Pantum was also recently announced for release in the US, and will be available from LD Products.

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