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Faroudja releases new toner and drum units

September 28, 2011

The toner will be available for Dell, Lexmark and Xerox.

Faroudja Toner have announced several new releases; toner for the Dell 5510 and Xerox 560 and a new drum for the Lexmark C780.

Toner for the Dell 551 will be supplied in bottles and bags, with bottles sold in all colours and in 150g and 10kg bags. Customers may request any quantity desired, in bottles and bags.

Color toner for the Xerox Color 560 will be sold for black, cyan, yellow and magenta and will be sold in 375g bottles and 10kg bags.

The Lexmark C780 drum can be purchased individually or in quantities and is gearless for easy recycling.

Tim Farrell, Marketing Director, commented: The Lexmark C780 drum unit retails at around $200 and so our drum presents a good opportunity for rechargers.

Contact Faroudja Toner by phone at 650-593-3862, or visit