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MSE releases extended life cartridges

September 28, 2011

A 40,000 page replacement for the 64X cartridge has been announced.

Micro Solutions Enterprise (MSE) has released a 40,000 page replacement for the 64X cartridge, touted as “a hallmark product within the MPS engineered range of extended life cartridges”.

The release requires formulations of materials in conjunction with patented sealing, welding techniques and test protocols.

Luke Goldberg, SVP MSE Global, commented: “We are coming to market with a 40,000 page model which offers any MPS dealer significant advantages not only over the 24,000 page standard model, but also versus others out there offering products ranging from 30 – 32,000 pages.

“We also know that as a result of our technology and dedication to quality and real world testing, that our dealers will have confidence in placing a cartridge like this into any print environment.”

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