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Consumer website urges “don’t give up on cheap ink”

September 27, 2011

Although remanufactured cartridges “usually perform worse” than OEM ink, the report adds.

Productopia, a Consumer Search blog, has urged consumers “don’t give up on cheap ink”, stating their worth from a financial perspective and are sometimes better than OEM cartridges in head-to-head tests, although says refilled cartridges “usually perform worse than printer manufacturer’s inks in tests”.

PC World tester Jeff Bertolucci states refilled cartridges are “good enough for everyday printing” because it “saved me a few bucks over HP’s own inks.”

Productopia claims: “If quality and longevity are important – if you’re printing wedding-album photos, for example, or presentation documents for clients – Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark printer inks consistently look better and last longer”, evaluated from “test after test”.

Refilled cartridge colours are cited as looking duller and prints fade faster, while HP’s own ink were sharper, more vibrant and produced crisper and more realistic greyscale.

Printer ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world, more valuable ounce for ounce than Dom Perignon, Russian cavier and human blood, with a gallon costing roughly $4,000 (€4,600).