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The Recycler Live conference event in Warsaw offers delegates two full days of incredible speakers, presentations, workshops and briefings inspiring information, real world advice, open discussion and networking with other members of the European office imaging community and beyond.

Over the two days our inspiring, creative industry professionals, including some of the biggest and most influential names in our industry will talk about the issues and concerns of the industry, lead in-depth workshops and our partners will be on hand to answer your questions either one on one or around  our new format “Talking Tables” and workshops.

Our brand new “Talking Tables” session kicks off each day. Each session enables you to take four Talking Table sessions with our partners and experts and drill down with your peers about where the industry is and what it means for office imaging, your business and you. 

There is no better platform to network with like-minded people and our incredible speakers where you can learn from others and challenge your current thinking. Share your thoughts and opinions in a workshop or make a presentation. The Recycler Live conference event in Warsaw is an ideal opportunity to raise your company and personal branding among like-minded people in an active office imaging community.

Come and join your industry partners, remanufacturers, vendors, channel partners, sales professionals, marketers, analysts and business owners; all looking to learn and make new connections at this exciting event.