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Remanexpo Sticky Ad
Remanexpo Sticky Ad

We have an excellent range of sponsorship opportunities available for The Recycler Live – 2020 Frankfurt event.

We have so many large and small scale sponsorship opportunities, possibilities Whether you are interested in larger- or smaller-scale sponsorship, we have so many options, you are sure to find what you need.

See the table below to find out more about the packages we offer along with pricing.

Promo Wall

Sponsor our Firmware forum or any of our days and themes.

We can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your business goals at the show and beyond.
The Recycler Live Sponsorship

Roll up + Logo and inclusion in all The Recycler Live - Frankfurt promotional materials and mention in all The Recycler Live - Frankfurt communication, Logo on the Sponsorship Wall or Hall Promo Wall.
Logo on The Recycler Live Sponsoring Wall**

All speakers and guests will be photographed in front of the wall the programme.

All of The Recycler award winners will be photographed in front of the wall during the Award ceremony.