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With more than five months until the show opens on 25th January 2020 more than 70 percent of the space is either sold or under offer. Here is the current list of confirmed exhibitors.

(Correct 30th October 2019) 

Paperworld 2020 Exhibitors Remanexpo Product Group Hall 6.1

A&G Corporation Limited6.1C62
Altoinfor SA6.1D42
Anycolor Computer Consumables  Co., Ltd6.1C31
Apex Microelectronics Co., Ltd.6.1C46
Argo Trading OU6.1A66
Armor SAS6.1B81
ASC Technology (Beijing) Ltd.6.1D24
Asconn Print Technology Co., Ltd6.1B71
AXRO Bürokommunikation Distribution Import Export GmbH6.1D80
Beihai Tida Tech Co., Ltd6.1C19
Beihui Technology Co., Ltd6.1D26
Beijing Xintron Office Equipment  Co., Ltd6.1B51
Biuromax Sp. z o.o6.1B37
Biurteksa UAB6.1B46
C+G Informationstechnologie GmbH6.1A60
CM Technology GmbH6.1B36
Corte Technology Co., Ltd6.1C58
CROSS Imaging Supplies GmbH6.1C49
Crown Mictro China Limited6.1A10
Daisytek Computers LLC6.1TBA
Data Direct (THAMES VALLEY) Ltd.6.1A70
Discover Group, Inc.6.1C93
Dongguan LinkWin Electronics  Co., Ltd.6.1B12
Dongguan Sino Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.6.1D20
Ebest Digital Technology Ltd6.1B30
Eco Service Sp. z o.o.6.1D77
Ecoservice di Santarelli Paolo6.1C30
ePARTS' Electronic Parts SAS6.1B91
ETIRA - European Toner & Inkjet Remanufacturer's Association6.1TBA
Experts Computer LLC6.1B98
Frontier Imaging INC6.1D44
General Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd6.1C90
GM Technology SL6.1A58
Gradum International Limited6.1B68
Guangzhou Zhono Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.6.1D54
Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co. Ltd6.1C47
Hill Sound Digital Products Limited6.1D10
Hizli Sistem Bilgisayar6.1C77
Hubei Dinglong Co., Ltd6.1C40
I.R. Italiana Riprografia S.R. L6.1B31
Impro Group Sàrl6.1A62
Incotek Technology co., Ltd6.1D28
Inkjet Lee Technology Limited6.1C15
Integral GmbH6.1C80
IPM Toner - Kirec ve Tugla Kimya Sanayi Corporation6.1A50
Jiangxi Kilider Technology Co.,Ltd6.1C57
Jiangxi Yibo E-tech Co., Ltd.6.1A30
Katun EDC B.V.6.1B47
Matmond Sarl6.1B90
Mipo Group (Holding) Limited6.1C60
Newsource Technology Co., Ltd.6.1D48
Ninestar Corporation6.1C56
Pedro Schöller PRINTSERVICE GmbH6.1A80
Polytech & Net GmbH6.1A02
Procopier Consumable Company Limited6.1C33
Prolaser SAS6.1C66
PRP Solutions GmbH6.1B94
Puty Technology Co., Ltd.6.1B58
Qualicom Image Products Limited6.1D40
Retech Technology International6.1B21
Shanghai Baiyingmei Printer Consumables Co., Ltd6.1D45
Shanghai Sinocopy International Co. Ltd6.1B13
Shanghai Yesion Industrial Co., Ltd6.1D32
Shenzhen First Office Technology Co Ltd.6.1C11
SovaMax Trading GmbH6.1B60
Speed Infotech (Beihai) Company Limited6.1D73
Static Control Components (Europe) Ltd6.1C50
Supplies 24 GmbH6.1B56
Supplytek International LLC6.1A52
Suzhou Goldengreen Technologies Ltd.6.1B11
Team Hell & Schulte GmbH & Co.KG6.1B80
The Jolly Savage Limited6.1A56
The Recycler6.1D61
Tian Bo Printer Consumable Product Company Limited6.1D30
Tintec Europe SL6.1D76
Toei Technology Corporation (TTC)6.1B34
Top Color  ( Hong Kong )  Image Products  Co., Ltd 6.1D50
Topjet Technology  Co., Ltd6.1C91
TOPUS Sp. z.o.o. Sp.k6.1D72
Trade Copiers LTD6.1C61
Union Technology International (MCO) Co., Ltd6.1D90
Winterholt & Hering GmbH6.1A90
Zhongshan E-Print Electronic Technology  Co.,Ltd6.1D31
Zhongshan Evergreen Tech Ltd6.1B10
Zhuhai Aowei Electronics Co., Ltd6.1B61
Zhuhai APPRO Office supplies Co., Ltd6.1C21
Zhuhai Boyeezon Technology Co., Ltd6.1A20
Zhuhai Elmer Technology Co.,Ltd.6.1C27
Zhuhai Fast Image Products Co., Ltd6.1B41
Zhuhai Gikar Industrial Co., Limited6.1D65
Zhuhai Haiping Office Equipment  Co., Ltd6.1D71
Zhuhai Haoyinbao Printing  Consumables Co., Ltd6.1C10
Zhuhui Ibest Printing Technology Co., Ltd6.1D29
Zhuhai Kingtech Print Co., Ltd.6.1C41
Zhuhai Megain Technology Co.,Ltd6.1B54
Zhuhai Mito Color Imaging Co., Ltd6.1C36
Zhuhai National Resources  & Jingjie Printing Technology Co., Ltd.6.1B55
Zhuhai Oritone Infotech Co., Ltd6.1C20
Zhuhai Pantum Electronics Co., Ltd6.1C51
Zhuhai Top-Print Technology Co . Ltd6.1D25
Zhuhai Warmth Electronic Co., Ltd6.1C59
Zhuhai Zhongkai Imaging Products Co., Ltd6.1B57