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Apex Microelectronics is the largest manufacturer and provider of printer cartridge chips and chip resetting solutions in the aftermarket. Apex has expanded technical and R&D teams in order to continue to provide the best support to its customers. More than 200 professional technicians and engineers spanning across multiple continents work to develop quality products.

Over the years, Apex has provided hundreds of global first-to-market products, and the number is continually growing. As the acknowledged leader in chip technology, Apex pioneered System-on-Chip technology for the imaging aftermarket allowing for faster processing, more cost effective production and no external components on the chip. And such advanced technology has also been applied to the development of replacement chips solutions for MFP and Copier cartridges. In chip resetting, Apex has a patented and unique solution that covers the industry’s largest range of major OEM chips and its own new replacement chips.

To prevent the obstacles caused by firmware upgrades, Apex launched a mobile app Apex Support for sharing the needed information to the printer consumables market. It is available for monitoring printer firmware upgrades, learning about new printers models and finding Apex’s new chip solutions in Apex Support.

IP safety is a huge concern in this industry and Apex is deeply committed to providing safe solutions. Apex provides customised patent designs that avoid infringement and is the proud holder of more than 290 worldwide patents. Apex understands the huge investments made in research, development and technology by the OEMs and fully respects the OEMs’ intellectual property.

Apex Microelectronics is committed to bringing the industry the highest level of product performance and will never stop researching and innovating to provide the most comprehensive and safe chip solutions to the cartridge remanufacturing community.

Customers wishing to contact Apex Microelectronics are asked to contact their Sales Representative. For further information, email or call +86 (0)756 333 3768.