The Recycler Online Directory – FAQ’s

Directories have been around since the telephone was introduced, and today they are internet-based, rather than printed. But they are a very reliable way to get listed and locate listings. In today’s world however, finding the right information quickly and efficiently is the real benefit of using and being listed in a directory.

The Recycler Directory is a niche and highly-targeted online directory focused on the worldwide toner and inkjet remanufacturing community, based on our extensive databases.

Here are some frequently asked questions, in no particular order, about listings in and using The Recycler Directory:

Is The Recycler Directory free to use?
Yes, using The Recycler Directory is free, but we may ask you to register so we can see how it is being used.

Who is the directory for?
The Recycler Directory is focused on the remanufacturing and imaging supplies community, whether you are a dealer looking for a remanufacturer to supply you, or a remanufacturer looking for parts, or collectors, suppliers and parts manufacturers. In fact, it’s for anyone with an interest in toner and inkjet remanufacturing!

Who publishes The Recycler Directory?

The Recycler Directory is published by:

Recycler Publishing & Events Ltd,
Wittas House, Two Rivers Estate,
Witney, OX28 4BH
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 1993 899 800,  Email info@therecycler.com


Can I get listed?
Yes, and there are a range of listings to suit every business and budget.

When will my listing be live?
We are a people-based Directory, and manually review all submissions. As soon as we have checked your submission, we will email you your invoice, and your listing will go live as soon as we receive payment.

How long will my listing last?
Normally all listings in The Recycler Directory last a minimum of 365 days.

Can I change or upgrade my listing?
Yes, it is easy – just contact us and we will take care of it.

Can I get extra “key-words”?
Yes, just contact us at info@therecycler.com. A block of 10 additional Key-words costs just £50.00 plus VAT.

Can I cancel my listing?
Yes, your listing will cancel automatically 365 days after being listed. If you wish to cancel your listing earlier, just contact us and we will take care of it.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my listing?
Yes, if you cancel within 14 days of being listed you can cancel your listing and claim a full refund.

What affects my search ranking?
Only two things affect your search ranking. The type of ranking you have and the date you listed. So a Corporate + listing will rank higher than a Corporate or Basic listing. But where there are two equal status listings, the date of listing will decide which is top and second.

How accurate is the information?
As a people-based Directory, we manually review all submissions, making the information you list or look up of a much higher quality than the instant listing, non-human ones.

Can I get the email details from The Recycler Directory?
To avoid spam listers harvesting email addresses, we are not showing them in The Recycler Directory. We provide a contact form and the phone number if you want to call.

Will being listed help my search engine ranking?
The Recycler website ranks in the top 250,000 websites worldwide (Alexa.com). Linking to well-established and high-ranking websites can help your search engine ranking. But we offer no guarantees, as so many other factors can affect a ranking.

Will being listed increase my brand recognition?
Using your brand in the directory listing and linkage creates another digital footprint, and this immediately increases brand recognition.

Will being listed increase traffic to my website?
Although you will get a boost in traffic from being listed in The Recycler Directory, the boost won’t be large – but it will be more targeted traffic.

How will The Recycler Directory be promoted?
During the prelaunch period we are contacting subscribers and advertisers individually to introduce the Directory, and to give them the first option of being listed. Post-launch, The Recycler Directory will be marketed online via our website and newsletter platform, and in The Recycler magazine.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for?
The Recycler Directory only lists companies that have agreed to be listed in The Recycler Directory. If you can’t find a company, then they either don’t exist, or have not yet listed on The Recycler Directory. Let us know at info@therecycler.com, and we will contact them and try to get them listed!


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