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Mito Group


Established in 2003, Mito Group manufactures and sells remanufactured toner cartridges. Mito Group consists of two wholly-owned subsidiaries; Mito Color Imaging Company Ltd and Zhuhai Un-Tern Imaging Products Company Ltd. Headquarted in Zhuhai, China, Mito is dedicated to remanufacturing colour toner cartridges.

It aims to become one of the largest professional colour remanufacturers in the world, and provide the best products with consistent quality and top performance. In September 2013, it became the first Chinese public trading company in printing consumables after being acquired by Hubei Dinglong Chemical Company Ltd.

Mito Color Imaging is responsible for global sales and marketing, and the ‘Mito’ and ‘Siege’ brands have over 1,000 alternative colour cartridge models for various OEM printers. Un-Tern Imaging is engaged in R&D and production, with a sense of integrity and innovation, and constant striving for excellence which has seen Mito well-recognised as a leading global remanufacturer.

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No.15, JinFeng Road
JinDing Industry Park, 519000 Zhuhai