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300th Edition

September 25, 2017

Next month we will be publishing an exceptional 300th edition of The Recycler celebrating 25 years of the magazine, and we would like to hear your story.  You might have been in the industry a lot longer than The Recycler. Or you might have joined yesterday. Just tell us your story – who you are, where you are located, what you do and how you came to be in the industry.  You don’t need to be a journalist, just write your story and send it to us and we will take care of the rest, and please send us a picture of you, your team, or your business (team pictures preferred).  

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Tell us your story.

Production of our special 300th Edition of The Recycler has begun and it is an ideal channel to promote your company and message to over 40,000 people including remanufacturers, cartridge collectors, wholesale and retail distribution partners, OEM’s, IT/VAR resellers and other key personnel within the office imaging sector. 

Something more? We would love to publish your testimonial advert in this exceptional edition, with prices starting at just £99, for a testimonial advert in this special 300th edition.