The importance of cleaning printheads

May 31, 2016

All printers with four or more cartridges have a printhead, and an article discusses the importance of keeping them clean 


An article from Cartridge Network’s Griffin Hampson for Portland Tribune  stated that “any inkjet printer with four or more ‘tank; ink cartridges has a separate printhead” and that this is different to “the two-cartridge system; a black and a tri-colour cartridge, where the printhead is a physical component of each cartridge”.

All printheads “clog up” from lack of use, too much use and general use” the article says, and OEM printers from Brother, Epson, Canon and HP Inc have printheads that need cleaning. About 15 percent of people carry out this task and 75 percent don’t know about it, with the other 10 percent knowing about it but not carrying out the task. Hampson previously discussed printers, toner and third-party cartridges.

The printhead can be cleaned directly from the printer or the computer, and a test page will show if all the “nozzles are printing correctly”; if they are clogged, the task will need to be repeated, and if the problem is severe then this will have to be done many times. If the printer printheads are too clogged, it can damage the printer which is expensive, though this can be prevented by using the previously-mentioned simple process which “increases productivity and print quality”.



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Jadi produces new toner

May 31, 2016

The supplier has launched a monochrome copier toner.Jadi 300 x 250 February 2016

The research and development team have developed the new toner, JLT 060, in response to the “increasing demand for Kyocera Mita Taskalfa printer models”. This is recommended for “OEM cartridges” numbered TK6305, 6306 6307, 6308, and 6309.

The toner is said to produce “vibrant print with high image density, glossiness and excellent greyscale”. JLT 060 “produces OEM-like performances” and has an exceptional “background control and low toner consumption”. Jadi also says that the toner has “achieved OEM standard page yield”, and customer feedback demonstrates that this is one of the most “stable toners in the market”.

The supplier is providing bulk toner and carrier to make things easier for the customer, the carrier, TDR-060, needs to be pre-mixed with the toner JLT 060 into the cartridges prior to loading. Jadi added that it has used “special raw materials to achieve and maintain consistent quality” of its toners.

For more information, visit

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Xerox launches new printer range

May 27, 2016

The new series has the ability to translate into 38 languages.Xerox new printer

The OEM has developed Easy Translator Service in partnership with Abbyy who are a document recognition and linguistic software developer, reported IT WEB. The cloud translation services are accessible using any ConnectKey 2.0 enabled device as well as via the Web portal. The technology is “built into the 14 Xerox ConnectKey-enabled i-Series range of MFPs” and can be connected to “mobile devices via iOS and Android as well as desktops”.

Erica Marks, marketing manager of Xerox products at Bytes Document Solutions, said “From a productivity point of view, the translation service can add value to the company as this functionality allows translation to be done on the cloud as opposed to employing services from a translator which can be costly. The documents we’ve tested have been more accurate than other services such as Google Translate. However, it’s important to remember that a draft or general quality translation is provided which then allows the user to determine whether high-quality translation by a person is required”.

Shane Spies, marketing product manager Office Systems Group at Bytes Document Solutions, explains that the “user has to register on the Xerox translator Web site and log in from their MFP”. “The user then selects the translator app icon on the machine, types in their e-mail address and password, and then selects the language of the current document. After that they select the language to be translated into.”

He went on to say, “It takes approximately one minute for a single page to be translated after which it is printed out, e-mailed or saved onto the Xerox portal. If there are images, the translated format of the document doesn’t change; because it’s a cloud service, the device needs constant Internet connection.”

Marks said that “digital trends have an impact on the type of technology integrated into the MFPs”. “Through the adoption of cloud technology, many businesses are now using cloud source repositories, google docs and drop box, hence a lot of MFP applications are now cloud-based and allow users to store documents electronically and open up to other cloud services,”





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HP releases firmware update

May 27, 2016

hplogonew-200x114The OEM has updated the software for the Plotter DesignJet.

The new firmware “enhances safety functions and hides unnecessary error messages PG”, HP said on their website, it also recognises the use of cartridges that are not original. The models that the chip is for are T790, T795, T1300, T2300, and the chip identity is IG_10_00_00.2.

After installation the HP 72 ink tanks stop and a message indicates that the cartridge production date is 01.01.1970, and cannot be used on the new printer with USC or CISS “unoriginal chips”. HP’s MFPs and printers are regularly updated with new firmware and this can complicate consumer usage when cartridges and third-party chips are being used.

In March The Recycler reported on HP’s JetIntelligence Cartridges and anti-fraud feature and it appears HP is staying on top of its technology to protect its products.

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Brother International New Zealand launches new range

May 26, 2016

brother-logo The OEM has released a remarkable range of laser printers and MFCs.

Brother NZ has foreseen and “growing need for custom solutions” and “more tailored partnerships” to help businesses progress and improve output, said a report in Scoop News. The new range of mono laser models are flexible to many types of office and is also being promoted to “healthcare, public sectors, and retail”. Brother International (NZ) Limited Chief Operating Officer, Mathew Stroud said, “This is our most impressive printer launch to date and reinforces our position as a global provider and local partner for all New Zealand businesses. Our aim is to create bespoke solutions, no matter what your size, that meet those goals as well as being an on-going, responsive, hands-on partner developing solutions that grow and evolve.”

The new printers have faster print speeds, more flexible paper handling ability, advanced scanning and access to Cloud services. “Brother products are known around the world for being intuitive and simple for IT administrators to manage, but this new range is in a new league and set to be a game changer for our business and our customers,” said Stroud. The series also works wireless, and he added that “From free delivery, installation and recycling across the business range, to remote monitoring of consumables and managed print solutions, Brother has a solution for all businesses.”

Mr Yoshio Nakao, Brother Industries Limited General Manager Global Corporate and SMB Business, said, “The range not only provides serious options for SMBs through to large corporates, but all partnerships deliver on Brother’s renowned service and support commitment, of being ‘at your side’, that New Zealand businesses have benefited from for over 50 years.”



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Epson introduces new series of printers

May 25, 2016

Epson logoThe WorkForce 2700 Series of business printers are said to be “fast and versatile”.

The OEM has launched the new all in one printers “designed for home use” reported PR Newswire. The WF-2760 and WF-2750 use wireless technology and Epsons PrecisionCore which enables more “professional documents at fast print speeds”. Compatible with a wide range of mobile printing options it is said to be easy to use and increases productivity with a “150 sheet paper capacity”. Documents can be scanned and saved to cloud for easy access.

“The Epson WorkForce printer portfolio is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and the new WF-2700 printers are fast, reliable and versatile offering easy to use features ideal for home offices,” said Steve Michelle, Product Manager, Printers, Epson America. “In addition to the convenience enabled by a range of wireless printing options, the WF-2700-Series delivers the high quality prints for which Epson is known, due to the incorporation of PrecisionCore technology.

The Epson WorkForce WF-2760 $129.99 (€115) and WF-2750 $99.99 (€88) will be available in June 2016 through major computer, office and electronic superstores, mail order, and the Epson Store





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Three new smart printers from Dell

May 25, 2016

The company printers include a new model said to be the “Worlds fastest page out time system”.DELL

Dell has produced one new colour printer and two mono single-function models, reported Businesswire. The colour Smart Printer, S5840cdn, offers the “fastest First Page Out Time (FPOT)” for colour laser printers and is less than $1000 (€897). The printer offers Touch screen features, fast speeds, a “powerful print processor to power through heavy workloads, featuring a 1.2 GHz quad core processor; reduced energy consumption without reduced performance” as well as “and convenient PC-free previewing and printing directly from a USB drive”.

“Companies that have not replaced their teams’ printers in the last two to five years might be surprised to discover how rapidly the technology has changed,” said George Toh, Executive Director, Dell Imaging. “Our new smart printers offer companies not only faster print times than their predecessors, but easier usability – meaning less frequent paper jams and more intuitive troubleshooting and setup – as well as other specialized features that make printing a true productivity enabler, even in today’s digital workplace.”

The S5830dn is a single-function A4 mono laser printer and can be used for business printing in larger corporations. This model was “created for business, enterprise and government organizations who need low total cost of ownership, reliability, expandable options and a printer that can run smoothly with minimal IT intervention and First Page Out Time (FPOT) as fast as 4.4 sec and complete prints with exceptional speeds up to 63ppm. This also has a touch screen and works from a USB drive. There is also the option of Extra High Yield Toner Cartridges thereby saving cost.

For the smaller business the S2830dn is a laser printer of smaller size, with easy navigation and printer settings. It has a secure print feature with a PIN as well as onscreen graphics for troubleshooting.

“These smart printers are an exciting new expansion on Dell’s history of award-winning imaging products, demonstrating how we continue to innovate on the reliable printers we’re bringing to market,” said Bert Park, Vice President and General Manager, Dell Global Software and Peripherals. “Our goal is to increase workforce productivity through end-to-end simplicity, and this just gives our customers and distributors more specialized options than before.”

All three printers will be available May 24 in the United States, Canada and Mexico.


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ShaperJet hopes to equip all students with 3D printer

May 19, 2016


The Delhi based company wants this technology to be available for all students.

The company was founded in December 2015 by Raman Sachdev who holds a Batchelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is also an expert in Additive Manufacturing and Prototyping technologies. ShaperJet makes 3D desktop printers which are easy to use and functional. The printer uses PLA (polylactic acid) which is a corn based plastic that is biodegradable. Other plastics are deemed hazardous to health as they let off toxic fumes. The company offers training programmes for school children and colleges and Sachdev would like them all to be able to have the use of 3D printers.

At present the company is concentrating on the education market and has sold 63 3D printers in the last month. Long term plans include diversifying into medicine, engineering, architecture and fashion. According to a study by 6Wresearch, “India 3D printer market” is projected to record $79 million (€70 million) by 2021. Slow growth until recently could be put down to lack of awareness about the technology and “high capital investment”. With growing awareness of the application of this technology across sectors in India it is hoped that more entrepreneurs will invest in this field.


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The impact of the remote workforce

May 18, 2016

Working from a home office; the benefits and downfalls.inpe1002

The flexibility of working from home has its attraction and is becoming more and more common place, reports 3blmedia. Todays global workforce is becoming more virtual with 90 percent of the US working from home for some of the time. Employers are finding that this makes for a more productive and happier workforce and are able to attract those best qualified for the job without the problem of commute and distance. The employer also benefits from less need for infrastructure and facilities and then there is the lower impact on environment with the use of fewer vehicles and public transport.

One company in the US has estimated that it has saved 15-25 percent in office overheads and has reduced carbon emissions by 23,000 metric tons a year because workers are not driving into work. Although the technology is in place for working from a home office, “leadership and management practices still need refining to support this new workforce”. Companies need ““a strong process for determining which employees can telework successfully…the actual job function, the individual’s capabilities and competencies, and strict security standards for home offices.”

The challenges of managing a team of virtual employees who may not know each other, “come from different backgrounds and experiences and don’t have much in common apart from work” requires management skills and training. Offering incentive to teams and individuals and using a pro bono approach as well as testing the skills by way of challenges and developing flexible leadership skills.

Over the past few years Gallup has reported that “approximately 70% of the workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged”, and that studies show that younger workers “are less loyal to their companies, with an average tenure of two years, since these young workers tend to identify with their own personal brands versus an association with a particular company”. It can be hard to integrate employees fully into a virtual work place and give them a sense of belonging and connection but programmes have been developed to improve the situation.

“Most team-based nonprofit consulting projects can take place almost entirely remotely – particularly with the advances in video conferencing that make far-off colleagues feel closer”. When the whole team is communicating virtually, it helps the individual to feel connected. Even non-profit businesses are gravitating towards these “virtual engagements” enabling them to engage with their remote workforces.



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Triton resolves problems with remanufacturing new cartridges from Brother

May 18, 2016

Brother has brought out four versions of cartridges that may not fit in their new printer range.

The Triton product development team has recognized some differences between cartridges sold in different regions, Asia, Europe and North America. These problems can easily be amended using Triton solutions during the remanufacturing process; it was said in a press release.

Brother has introduced four versions of cartridges that have certain regionalization features and not all these cartridges will fit in the Brother printer range.” Printers affected: Brother HL-L5000D, HL-L5100DN, HL-L5100DNT, HL-L5200DW, HL-L5200DWT, DCP-L5500DN, MFC-L5700DN, MFC-L5750DN,HL-L6250DN, HL-L6300DW, HL-L6300DWT, HL-L6400DW, HL-L6400DWT, DCP-L6600DW, MFC-L6800DW and MFC-L6900DW printers.

Triton has launched a range of replacement parts for the new range of Brother printers which have recently been released. “The parts CC2033 to CC2039 enable remanufacturers to successfully convert and remanufacture Brother standard (3,000 pages), high (8,000 pages) and extra high (12,000 pages) yield cartridges”.

“These conversion kits will enable remanufactures to convert standard, high yield and extra high yield empty cartridges that they have in stock. The conversion kits are available in packs of 10 pieces or boxes of 200 pieces”. Triton have also released “three plastic nameplate covers” the CC2037 (small), CC2038 (medium) and CC2039 (Large) which will blank out original branding during the remanufacturing stage and make it safer to use the cartridges “across multiple remanufactured brands.”


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