Digital revolution “could hasten” circular economy

February 10, 2016

Internet_of_thingsA report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) has pointed out that “intelligent devices” could help speed up the transition to a circular economy.

The report, discussed by Resource, claims that “intelligent devices could hasten [the] circular economy”, as “pairing circular economy principles with the information generated” by such devices could “enable the transition” from a linear to a circular economy, alongside “broad social benefits”. Intelligent assets: unlocking the circular economy potential, was also endorsed and launched by the World Economic Forum (WEF), and “creates a vision for how a digitally-enhanced circular economy could look”.

Produced as part of a “cross-industry, global initiative” called Project Mainstream, the report found that with over 50 billion connected devices predicted to be in use by 2020, a “pervasive digital transformation is reshaping the economy”, and proposes that these “intelligent devices provide an abundance of information about the location, condition and availability of assets”, which it calls “critical factors enabling the maximisation of use rates and the looping of materials back into the system”.

These are “core principles of a circular economy”, and the report’s focus on the “intelligent assets”, which are also related to the Internet of Things, notes that they “have been and could potentially be used to enhance different areas of the economy”, including manufacturing, infrastructure and waste management.

Ellen MacArthur, Founder of the EMF, commented: “Digital technologies are driving a profound transformation of our economy. Guiding this wave of change by applying circular economy principles could create value, and generate wider benefits for society, as this report shows. Intelligent assets are a key building block of a system capable of ushering in a new era of growth and development, increasingly decoupled from resource constraints.”

Dominic Waughray, Head of the WEF, added: “This report presents a full picture of the myriad technologies, business models and disruption at the intersection of the IoT and circular economy. When viewed as a whole, it is clear that this will usher in a new transformational paradigm of economic growth. If the public and private sector can come together to skilfully navigate this new era, the benefits will be immense.”

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Clover Imaging Group launches new website

February 9, 2016

CIG logosThe company’s new site “provides advanced functionality” alongside access to over 15,000 products.

The new site – – is said by Clover to provide users with “cutting-edge functionality and extensive product information” for all products that are part of the Clover Imaging Group, such as MSE-brand toner, postage supplies, house-brand inkjet and toner, printer parts and computer and server parts. The company added that the site was developed with “an intuitive, responsive website design” that allows customers to “easily use it from any device”.

In turn, the new site includes a “multitude” of new features that are said to “simplify and streamline the purchasing process”, such as: “full” shopping cart functionality, a “robust and intelligent” search function including images, product information, printer compatibility and support videos; account management tools including order history, tracking and user management; and the ability to “manage favourite products and compare products”.

Mike Posch, Senior Vice President of eCommerce, Product Management and Merchandising at Clover Imaging Group, commented: “Over the last 18 months, we have spent countless hours getting feedback from our customers and researching best-in-class practices to develop a platform for customers to manage their entire imaging supplies business in the most efficient way possible. We are excited to see these efforts come to fruition with the launch of

“With a personalised dashboard, a host of user and account management features, intelligent search functionality, contract pricing and full shopping cart functionality, truly provides the most advanced website experience in the industry.”

Luke Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Clover Imaging Group, added: “Last year, we made a commitment to our customers that the new CIG would revolutionize the way they go to market. With the roll out of Marketing Platform 2.0, and now the launch of, we are making good on that promise by providing our dealers with the industry’s best marketing and sales tools to strengthen and support our mutual success.

“And, we have just begun! We are continuing to drive hard and seek out new and innovative opportunities to bring to our valued partners.”

Clover Imaging Group was recently relaunched after first being introduced last March, and is now a “sales and marketing engine designed to offer the market’s most robust family of products, services and solutions”, this time from “one singular entity which creates an industry category of one”.

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Canon launches new MFPs in Europe

February 9, 2016

Canon's imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i machine

Canon’s imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6555i machine

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 PRO and 8500 machines are aimed at “busy offices and in-house print rooms”.

The OEM reported on the launch, with the MFPs said to have been “designed to help address business concerns around organisational costs, security, and employee productivity”, with both ranges including “a range of enhancements to reduce the total cost of documents, secure information and improve workflow”.

Canon added that the “90 percent” of total document costs that “is hidden and relates to the cost of handling and publishing documents, as well as managing devices”, is reduced with the new machines, through “easy management and operation as well as powerful document capture and publishing capabilities”. Users can also share information from the printers “to almost any location and format”, with a “common and intuitive graphical” menu used “across the range”.

Other features include a touchscreen display, video assistance with technical issues, Mopria, wireless and near-field communication (NFC) connectivity, and a range of security features. The 6500 series features monochrome print speeds of 75ppm and a 7,700-sheet capacity, while the 8500 features mono speeds of 105ppm and the same paper capacity.

Francis Thornhill, Marketing Manager at Canon Europe, commented: “The imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices launched today are extending Canon’s wide range of print solutions and building on award winning capabilities to address the needs of businesses today and in the future.At Canon, we strive to understand the concerns of our customers and develop solutions to help them meet their objectives.

“The new devices are building on success and provide businesses with a reliable document solution to reduce cost, secure information and boost employee productivity for years to come.”

The imageRUNNER 8500 PRO and imageRUNNER ADVANCE 6500 series will be available from 1 March across Europe.

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New US retail site includes refilled cartridges

February 8, 2016 will sell technology including refilled cartridges to consumers.

A screenshot of the new site

A screenshot of the new site

In a press release, the website – launched by “web entrepreneur” Kevin McAllister – is said to offer “quality electronics and electronic accessories”, with McAllister’s “wide range of products including “computers, printer ink, computer accessories” and other products, with “Lexmark ink refill cartridges, toner cartridges […] HP printer ink cartridges” and other products available.

McAllister stated that he was “inspired to start” the site “by his own interest in computers”, and wanted to “be able to provide customers with the great computer items that they could use in their homes to make specific computer tasks easier”. The site also includes “articles that discuss the health benefits of video games for PTSD patients and articles on computer technology”, with future updates to include “up-to-date products as technology grows and changes”.

The new website has also been designed to be “nice to look at”, which is said to be “very important” for customer use, while a blog has been launched to accompany the site at This is said to “cover topics that relate to the products offered on the main website”, including benefits and “information about technology in general”.

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Cartoon mocks common printer problems

February 4, 2016

The comedy cartoon, from The Oatmeal, focuses on typical consumer issues with printers.Abandoned printer

Titled ‘Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell To Make Us Miserable’, the cartoon starts by stating that “unlike other technologies, [printers] are remarkable in the fact that they’re just as crappy and unreliable now as they were in 1995. It is my belief that they were sent here to inspire rage, loathing and murder in the hearts of all mankind”. It then moves on to note that “you’re lured in by the fact that the printer is so cheap.

“It probably has sleek surfaces and every feature is described with an exclamation point”, the cartoon adds, with a joke image of a printer box stating “It prints on paper! Has a power button! Has a thing that lights up!”. The cartoon then pokes fun at MFPs, stating that this “means it’ll suck really hard at three things rather than just one”, before highlighting the issues around setup, which is “usually delayed when you drive all the way home and realise they didn’t include a printer cable”.

Mocking the software next, the cartoon states that “the driver discs they include are older than the earth itself, so you’ll have to download new ones”, jokingly showing a download window asking “Do you want to download CrapPrintBundle.exe (600 MB)? In addition to the drivers, we’ll install a massive suite of worthless multimedia applications which you’ll never use but will run permanently in the background”.

It also makes fun of the printer noise, the artist writing that “I’ve always wondered what one robot screwing another might sound like. Thanks to my printer, now I know”, before mocking the quality of photos printed, adding that they’re great “if you only need to print one photo per year”. It also goes on to mock paper jams, which it calls a “bonus features where they’ll not only print on paer, but crunch it up for you as well”, and error messages, called “cryptic” and “using words like ‘load’, ‘tray’ and arranging them randomly”.

Moving onto cartridges and colours, the cartoon states that “either printer ink is made from unicorn blood or we’re all getting screwed”, comparing the price of a pen, “ink contained in plastic”, to a cartridge, which is the same; while colour is mocked with the cartoon pointing out that “what’s really aggravating is when your printer refuses to work unless all the colours are fully stocked”.

The cartoonist also “recently discovered the joys of ink cartridges that expire and won’t work until you buy new ones”, and concludes by poking fun at the “unfortunate timing” such as when “your printer will always stop working at 3am when you’re trying to print out a report that’s due the next morning”.

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New toners and components launched by Uninet

February 4, 2016

The company has produced Absolute Black and X Generation toners and components for a range of HP Inc machines.

The HP LaserJet M252

The HP LaserJet M252

The first launch is Absolute Black toner formula and components for use in remanufacturing cartridges used in HP Inc’s LaserJet Pro M403 and M426 MFP monochrome printers. Uninet stated that the 40ppm devices are part of HP Inc’s new line-up with JetIntelligence, the “new printing technology used in these print engines”, and that the technology “incorporates a combination of machine features to monitor the printing performance of the toner cartridges based on drum wear and other factors”.

The technology is said to “optimise print quality, page yield and cartridge life”, but there is also “new anti-fraud technology used in the cartridge chips, a new toner design and an auto seal removal system”, which all “represent a real challenge to remanufacturers”. The machines use the CF226A and CF226X originals, which feature yields of 3,100 pages and 9,000 pages respectively, and Uninet added that it “offers a complete product solution to serve the needs of remanufacturers of these cartridges”.

The second launch meanwhile is Multipurpose X Generation Colour toner formula, qualified for use with HP Inc’s M252, M452 and M552 series, which include the M553, M477 and 277 MFP colour laser printers. Uninet added that the MPT-252 is a “new general-purpose toner formula qualified to work on over six models”, providing “outstanding print quality and glossy vibrant colours”, while the formula also “features the lowest cost solution with OEM parts, and a very low cost per page”.

In turn, it is “qualified with all OEM and Uninet components”, and is available in an “easy-to-handle” one kilogramme bottle, offering remanufacturers “the flexibility of carrying less inventory and a fewer number of SKUs”. The toner also is said to deliver “comparable print quality to the OEM product at a substantially lower cost”, with the OEM devices rated at 18ppm and using the CF400A and CF400X cartridges.

The former has a black yield of 1,500 pages and a colour yield of 1,400 pages, while the latter has a black yield of 2,800 pages and a colour yield of 2,300 pages. Uninet concluded that it also “offers a complete remanufacturing solution for these cartridges”.

For more information, visit

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Kyocera launches new A4 MFPs

February 4, 2016

Kyocera's TASKalfa 406ci

Kyocera’s TASKalfa 406ci

The OEM has said that the TASKalfa printers “revolutionise A4 printing”.

The new range of A4 MFPs are said to “offer benefits normally only available on more expensive A3 machines”, and have been called the “first A4 MFP series with the power of A3”. The new printers include the 406ci, 356ci and 306ci, and include features such as “superior paper handling”, a paper sheet of up to 3,100-sheet capacity, duplex printing and “full finishing options”. Kyocera added that the range is “ideal for small to large workgroups who use a colour A3 MFP […] yet print on A4 most of the time”.

In terms of print speeds, the 406ci, 356ci and 306ci feature respective rates of 40ppm, 35ppm and 30ppm, alongside print resolution of 1,200dpi, and can each be “configured to the needs of the department”, whether it be “space-saving desktop models” or “five-tray floor-standing workgroup colour MFPs”. The machines also utilise Kyocera’s open software platform HyPAS, offering users an “adaptable business tool”, as well as touchscreen panels and internal memory.

The three printers are available now, and Kyocera added that it has “optimised the new A4 MFP design to give high performance in environments where document output and finishing are key”, noting that “until now, this would have meant a big investment in an A3 device”. It concludes that there is “no compromise on security or mobile printing capability which, coupled with reduced downtime, means businesses will quickly start to see saving from investing in Kyocera devices”.

Nigel Allen, Marketing Director at Kyocera Document Solutions UK, commented: “The new products are ideal for organisations such as schools, which can have tight budgets that mean they print exclusively in A4, despite needing advanced finishing options. They allow documents to be transformed into digital files that are stored, edited and shared, but don’t compromise on superior output management.

“From A6 up to 1220mm banner sizes can be managed by these fully-loaded products. They are ideal for customers who want reduced upfront outlay and low running costs.”

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New HP Inc machines launched in India

February 4, 2016

The HP Ink Advantage series is said to save a “late night trip to the print shop” for consumers.

HP Inc's DeskJet Ink Advantage 4675

HP Inc’s DeskJet Ink Advantage 4675

Rising Kashmir reported on the launch, which sees the 4535, 4675 and 3830 AIOs launched in the Indian market. The wireless printers are said by the OEM bring “affordable, high-quality printing to the home”, with the original Ink Advantage cartridges “rigorously tested to ensure sharp output consistently and reliably”, and reducing “the need to reprint, which can undermine productivity and increase printing costs”.

The news site added that the machines feature a “new, sleek design and convenient mobile printing that fit seamlessly with today’s lifestyles”, and that users “can be assured of hassle-free ink replacements and full HP printer warranty benefits when they use original HP inks”. In terms of machines, the 4535 features a “clean, minimalist design”, with “seamless integration” of the scanner lid and input tray as well as a “long, curved opening” for users to “easily collect their print jobs”.

In turn, the 4675 features HP’s “mobile out-of-box experience” alongside a “hidden output arm that automatically extends when users send a print job from their mobile device or PC”, as well as a 5.5-centimetre “touch-enabled display” and “fast print speeds”. Finally, the 3830 “comes in the form of a bowl versus the conventional box form”, with mobile compatibility and use of the All-In-One Printer Remote mobile application allowing management “directly from [a] mobile device”.

Parikshet Singh Tomar, Country Category Leader for Printing Systems at HP Inc India, commented: “Parents often have to deal with last-minute scrambles when their children ask to print their homework late at night. The new wireless HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printers bring the convenience of affordable, high-quality printing home, enabling parents to easily connect from their mobile device and print their children’s assignments in outstanding quality.”

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Toshiba seeks higher market share in Malaysia

January 28, 2016

The OEM is looking to achieve 18 percent share of the MFP market this year in the country.Toshiba A3

The Star reported on the OEM’s pledge, made as it launched new machines in the Malaysian market, with its subsidiary Toshiba Tec Malaysia Sdn Bhd releasing the e-STUDIO 2802A, 2309A and 2809A monochrome MFPs. Isao Sugehara, Toshiba TEC’s Chief Marketing Executive, commented that “in the office, most of the demand is only A4 printing. However, customers would still think that they need A3-capable MFPs.

“These innovative products can satisfy this requirement. By launching these products, we want to obtain 18 percent market share in 2016”. The OEM also recently discussed the Indian market’s growth and its plans there, with Sugehara discussing the growing trend of mobile printing across India as well as an aim for 15 percent market share from its current market share of six percent.

The new printers, the OEM adds, are “set to drive greater convenience and cost-efficiency to smaller businesses and workgroups”, with the printer bodies A4 in size, but able to print in A3, thanks to a built-in stack feed bypass. A first copy time of 6.4 seconds and a print speed of 28ppm feature alongside colour scanning and “super sharp resolutions”, as well as “energy-saving features” and standards including ENERGY STAR and EPEAT.

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PrintFleet wins award for MPS software

January 26, 2016

The MPS software provider’s Embedded Data Collection Agent (DCA) was given the award by Buyers Laboratory.PrintFleet

The award, for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Innovation’, was given to the Embedded DCA, which was “specifically designed for small and medium-sized print environments” by both PrintFleet and Samsung. It offers businesses of those sizes a “simple, intuitive device management tool for installs where a server-based DCA was not practical”, and allows for “all of the functionality that PrintFleet users expect” as well as “the added ability to pre-flight and remotely configure”, saving time and money.

Buyers Laboratory’s analysts studied the software through Samsung’s XOA devices, which “work with any PrintFleet solution” from Vision to Enterprise, and PrintFleet added that the software “can be used on any dealer/distribution/OEM programme to enable comprehensive data collection from all manufacturer’s devices”. It also noted the DCA is “simple to install and activate” for SMBs.

Jamie Bsales, Director of Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at Buyers Laboratory, stated: “Every now and then an idea comes along that combines simplicity with sheer brilliance. That’s the way we feel about PrintFleet’s MFP-resident data collection agent. Having the DCA embedded on an MFP, rather than requiring it to run on a PC or server, is more convenient for both MPS dealers and their customers, making this innovation from PrintFleet a true win-win for all involved.”

Chris McFarlane, President and CEO of PrintFleet, added: “Technology is always changing and we strive to stay at the forefront of these changes, especially as it relates to leading the way in terms of data collection. We are very honoured to receive the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation for our Embedded DCA. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Samsung team on the project.”

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