Referrals key to printer purchase

January 23, 2017

An online survey by OKI Data Australia found that channel dealer recommendations are key to printer sales.logo-okidata

CSO reported that 20 percent claimed that recommendation influenced them most in their choice of printer, while 17 percent said the warranty was more important that what the printer did and the price. The survey was performed by OKI, and asked for customer feedback on their ownership experience, and what made them decide to make a purchase.

Antonio Leone, Marketing Manager ANZ for OKI Data Australia, commented: “This survey shows how influential channel dealers are and how importantly customers perceive their recommendations to be when it comes to purchasing a product, another 16 percent that as long as the printer met business requirements the price was not important.

“The other fascinating insight has been how important the factor of warranty is taken into consideration, indicating that customers are very focused in today’s economic climate on ensuring there is no extra expense and disruption in the daily running of their activities. The peace of mind that comes with our three year warranty and reliable LED technology, directly addresses these goals.”

Leone concluded that: “This survey has demonstrated how critical it is that vendors provide their channel dealers with ongoing and up-to-date selling tools and training, so that they can guide customers to products that will deliver maximum return on investment.”



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OKI launches printers in USA

January 19, 2017

OKI's C532dn

OKI’s C532dn

The OEM’s subsidiary launched two new colour printers aimed at SMBs, and which “support today’s mobile- and cloud-based print workflows”.

eWeek reported on the launch of the C532dn and MC573dn, with both aimed at the SMB market “with growing mobile and cloud print needs”, and which are both said by the OEM to “follow the company’s focus on delivering printers that stand up [to the] needs of today’s small businesses”. The C532dn desktop colour printer and MC573dn colour MFP utilise OKI’s LED printhead technology, with the “solid-state units” containing “no moving parts […] reducing wear on the printer”.

Both printers reach a speed of 31ppm in both colour and monochrome, and have “optional trays” to expand paper capacity to 1,410 sheets, while an optional “user-installable” wireless module can add wireless connectivity”. The MC573dn has a seven-inch touchscreen for “quick access apps and settings”, while both machines feature IPSec encryption for security, alongside a Private Print feature to “release a print job after a user enters a PIN on the physical printer”.

The printers are both cloud and mobile-ready, with “optional connectors” allowing for linking to a “variety of cloud-based productivity and document storage platforms”, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive and DropBox, and Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, while users can also “elect to print” with OKI’s mobile print app on either Android or iOS.

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OKI launches new wide-format printer

January 11, 2017

The OEM’s European subsidiary has launched the “cost-effective” ColorPainter E-64s.

OKI's ColorPainter E-64s

OKI’s ColorPainter E-64s

Manufacturing Global reported on the launch, with the ColorPainter E-64s said to be a “precision, easy-to-use professional printer which ticks all the boxes for affordability and eco-friendliness”. The 64-inch printer is said to be “ideal for creating high-quality signs and graphics”, and uses technology “which has proven effective in the M-64s and H3-104s” machines.

The printer uses the OEM’s special high-pigment eco-solvent SX ink, which is said to allow “the best possible level of colour quality and durability”, and which can “print on a wide range of formats” including textiles, wallpaper, canvas, hard PVC, vinyl and others, which the OEM says makes it “ideally versatile for commercial use”. The machine also takes “construction and functionality” into account, and will retail for €12,990 ($13,715).

Frank Jänschke, General Manager for Marketing of Wide Format Printers for OKI Europe, commented: “The ColorPainter E-64s is a remarkable printer offering print businesses affordable entry to very profitable, high-precision, wide-format printing on a large spectrum of media which may have previously been unattainable. As an advanced and extremely versatile printer, packed with functionality, it successfully meets all the requirements in a field where commercial opportunities are expanding but must be seized quickly and effectively in order to maximise revenue.”

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OKI gives MPS case study

January 11, 2017

OKI-LogoThe OEM discussed how it helped with print management at an Irish medical company.

OKI stated that the customer, Proxy Biomedical, is based in Spiddal in the Republic of Ireland, and is a “leading innovator in the development of next-generation medical products using proprietary biomaterials technology”, and offers “a value-added service by assisting in translational research  and development”, while being “involved in the research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices used in surgery, tissue engineering, and pharmacology”.

The company’s challenge was that while being “no different to similar sized SMEs when it comes to printing”, with a staff of 26 “involved in jobs such as production, engineering, planning and accounts”, it had “the usual issues and problems associated with an aging array of printing devices”. Kieran Maloney, Engineering and Operations Manager at Proxy Biomedical, was approached by its IT partner TecSupport, who asked if it had “considered outsourcing” printing, which it hadn’t.

He added that “I’d never heard of it being done. My previous experience was working in big multinational companies where all IT services were done in-house by the company’s own staff and outsourcing never came up”. Convinced of the benefits of MPS, the company invited OKI to audit its printing processes, the OEM looking “at how we used our printers and how much we were spending on consumables, print bills, maintenance costs and so on”.

OKI’s proposal outlined “how it could benefit from utilising MPS”, Maloney commenting that “what I liked most about the proposal at the time was that while there was a saving on the cost I predominantly was more interested in the fact that OKI would take all of our old printers and replace them with brand new equipment. And if there was ever an issue with the maintenance they would come in and fix or replace the machines. On top of that the toner would be included for the term of the contract”.

The OEM replaced six printers with five of its own machines, four colour and monochrome MFPs (one A3) and one A4 monochrome printer, with “one of the interesting aspects of the installation […] the motivation behind it”, as “usually, many customers will put cost savings as the primary benefit but in this case it was the replenishment of the old printing stock with new equipment, in addition to  the maintenance and consumables included in the contract”, OKI noted

Maloney pointed out that “it was the service that drove us to go with OKI’s Managed Print Services as opposed to any cost savings”, while other benefits included “the remotely managed functions”, with OKI able to dial into a specific machine for remote maintenance or on-site maintenance. Cartridges are automatically reordered as well, and Maloney said that “despite a few teething issues is now very happy” with the programme.

He noted: “At the moment I’m very satisfied in comparison to the sort of printer issues we previously had. For instance because our printers were getting old we had issues with maintenance and its cost. With OKI that cost is included in the contract. So if something breaks down the printer is replaced or fixed as part of the deal and at no extra cost. So that’s a big win for us.

“Would I recommend OKI? I would, yes. A lot of admin work has been outsourced, we have financial and time savings in addition to no more maintenance worries and expense. And a huge thing for us is the fixed costs. I now know what my printing bill is going to be for the year. Last year that wasn’t the case. Our printing function is now more planned and predictable.”

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Apex launches OKI chips

December 16, 2016

The company has launched replacement chips for the OEM’s B432 series.

An Apex image showing the differences between the two cartridges

An Apex image showing the differences between the two cartridges

Apex stated that the chips feature an “ASIC design with consistent performance”, and that their “special size” means they can be “installed in B431 series” cartridges. The chips, which are in stock now, can be used on both the B431 and 432 cartridges because “the structure” of both is “the same except for the chip slot”.

The printers, Apex added, are monochrome laser machines launched “for several regions”, with speeds of up to 42ppm and multifunctional capabilities. The first launch included three black chips for the US market, with varying yields of 3,000, 7,000 and 12,000 pages respectively, and the first two chips can be used in: the B412dn; B432dn; B512dn; MB492dn; MB472w; and MB562dnw. The third meanwhile can be used in the B432dn, MP492dn, MB562dnw and B512dn.

Three further chips of the same yields and for the same printers were also launched for the European market and Middle Eastern markets separately. Next, three chips of the same three yields were released for Australia and South Korea, with the 3,000 and 7,000 page chips for use in: the B412; B432dn; B512; MB472dnw; MB492dn and MB562dnw. The third chip meanwhile can be used in the B432dn, MB492dn, MB562dnw and B512dn.

Finally, a 3,000-page chip was launched for the Chinese market and for use in the B412dn and 432dn, while 7,000 and 12,000-page chips were launched in Japan for use in the B432dn machine.

For more information, visit

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CIT launches new OKI products

December 13, 2016

The company has produced chips, toners, OPCs, blades and drums for a range of the OEM’s cartridges.

OKI's MC873

OKI’s MC873

The company stated that in the “next period up to the start” of the Paperworld event in Frankfurt in January, it will “frequently update” customers on its “product developments”, with the new releases including chips for the B412 and 432 cartridges; toner and drum for the B930; products for the MC853 and 873 and ES7131 and 7170; toner and drum for the ES9431, 9451 and Pro 9541; and toner and drum for the C911, 931 and 941.

For more information, visit

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Gikar Industrial launches OKI cartridge

December 12, 2016

The Chinese company has launched a compatible replacement for the OKI B432.oki-b432-gikar

The company’s Senior Sales Manager, Charlie Ray, told The Recycler that the product “is a long-anticipated replacement toner” for use in the OKI B432dn, 512dn, MB492dnw and MB562dnw, with standard page yields “the same page yield [as the] OEM” at 3,000 pages, 7,000 pages and 12,000 pages. Ray added that “this is really good news for the customers who expect a lower printing cost” for the printer, and the model has been “demanded largely”, particularly in “America, Europe and Australia”.

Gikar has “successfully” launched the cartridge “into the market”, and has adopted a “brand new compatible chip and exclusive toner powder to guarantee OEM-equivalent printing performance”. He concluded that one of the company’s technicians noted that “it will match high-end customers’ requirements”.

For more information, visit

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OKI discusses MPS offering

December 9, 2016

OKI-LogoThe OEM’s Smart Managed Print Services programme “improves productivity and cost efficiency in the workplace”.

The OEM stated that the service can “optimise your print fleet and cut down your cost through smarter print management”, noting that “identifying your hidden costs can be a difficult task in complex organisations”, and claiming that its MPS services can “significantly” reduce costs, with the aim of driving “down your short, medium and long term costs from an investment and operational perspective, increasing the efficiency of your devices, whilst also reducing your printing and impact on the environment”.

The OEM’s “wide portfolio” of products can help “address the needs of workgroups of different sizes by installing the right device in the right place, ultimately reducing the amount of time spent on print retrieval and wasted output and improving staff productivity”. This is done by providing “the correct balance of desktop printers, workgroup devices and large centralised units based on the needs of your organisation, eliminating any negative impact on productivity”.

It highlighted “how much time can be wasted and the potential cost impact to a business”, including that the average time spent “on print retrieval per person, per month” is 44 minutes, while the average cost of this is €20.82 ($22.12) per person per month. In turn, when this is taken up to 500 workers a month, it becomes €10,411.50 ($11,061.94), and over five years mounts up to €624,690 ($663,716).

OKI’s perspective is that you are “benefiting your business” through using its MPS, as “the optimisation of your printer fleet can provide considerable savings across your business”, and “ensuring that your printers are being put to best use and located in optimal positions within the workplace, will help to improve your employee productivity, so less time is spent on print retrieval and wasted output”.

The service also includes Smart Support as “an integral part”, offering “peace of mind” and a “complete service […] through continuous monitoring”. The OEM can address “any maintenance issues and faults, notifying you immediately, and also provides consumables when needed”, with “regular detailed reports” available for “real-time information on the status of your devices”.

Additionally, its “dedicated account managers are available throughout the whole process and ensure your staff are adequately trained and confident using our easy-to-use software”, concluding that the Smart MPS programme “not only facilitates the management of your devices and consumables” but also advises “on the right mix of devices and where they should be located to increase productivity”.

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OKI partners with UK distributor

December 7, 2016

OKI Systems UK announced that it has partnered with Tech Data to distribute its printers and MFPs in the UK.


In a press release, OKI said that it believes the partnership with Tech Data, which it calls a major technology distributor, will “help maximise the potential of smart printers as part of a wider business solution” and also help the company to expand “its channels to include IT solution providers”. The union follows the release of OKI’s smart colour printers for all sizes of businesses.

Tech Data have appointed Ruari Metcalfe as OKI Business Development Manager, and he will be responsible for “supporting partners in identifying opportunities, growing sales and getting the best from OKI’s Shinrai Partner Programme”. The company also announced that ”new partners coming to OKI via Tech Data will also be eligible until the end of the month to take part in OKI’s Test the Best incentive, which provides a 50 percent discount on up to two units per model on selected devices.

“In addition, those who haven’t bought an OKI product for over a year are entitled to 30 percent discount on their initial purchase”.

John Thompson, Professional Services Manager at OKI Systems UK, stated: “As the business world changes with increasing digitisation, so the printer market is evolving. Our smart printers and MFPs’ open platform means they can be integrated into digital workflows, converting print in to digital storage which gives customers the ability to manage electronic documents.

“We already have a large number of opportunities in industries such as healthcare, graphic arts, retail and professional services. However, with Tech Data’s extended market presence, we now have access to a broader range of customer opportunities.”

Simon Tetlow, OKI Systems UK’s Head of Channel, said: “We believe this new partnership will be mutually beneficial, opening up new opportunities for Tech Data’s resellers and expanding OKI’s market reach and logistical capabilities.”

Stephen Martin, Print Business Unit Manager at Tech Data, commented: “OKI is a well-known and highly respected name in B2B print and this is a great opportunity for our customers to expand their sales potential in the corporate, SMB and public sectors. With OKI, resellers have the potential to gain a real competitive edge.

“We’re aiming to bring a significant number of new partners on-board over the next 12 months, and will be working closely with OKI in the UK to ensure that we deliver all the value and benefits that the company’s partner programme and brand offer.”


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OKI and Cartridge World join forces

November 21, 2016

The two companies are working together in Australia and New Zealand.OKI-Logo

Over 200 Cartridge World franchises will sell printers and MFPs from OKI, as the OEM added Cartridge World to its distribution channel, said a press release. Cartridge World supplies inks and toners and other consumables, as well as printers and MFPs from Canon and Samsung.

Tony Kernahan, Cartridge World ANZ’s CEO, said: “We have taken on OKI as we see their overall offering as a great market opportunity for our franchisees in the Australian and New Zealand B2B marketplace. OKI’s products are very reliable and their breadth of range enables us to offer new feature functionality not currently available through our channel.

“In addition, OKI presents a huge opportunity in the SME market where the big copier people don’t tend to play but where the Oki range is actually very attractive.”

Greg Mikaelian, OKI Data ANZ’s Oceanic Sales Manager, commented: “Cartridge World is one of the world’s leading franchise organisations and we are delighted to be working with them in providing customers with products which support their overall business productivity. Cartridge World’s breadth of franchise network as well as their professional, consultative and support services, ensures customers will receive maximum return on their OKI investment.”



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