Epson releases new photo printer

October 2, 2015

Epson's PictureMate PM400

Epson’s PictureMate PM400

The PictureMate PM-400 is said to be a “personal photo lab for high quality photos”.

The new device prints photographs at four by six inches and five by seven inches, and is also a wireless machine with built-in connectivity to mobile devices. The PictureMate PM-400 Personal Photo Lab is “designed to quickly share milestone memories and special moments” in a “space-saving design”, and photos are “smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant”.

Epson claims that the photos will “last up to 200 years”, with the device offering a 2.7-inch LCD screen alongside the ability to edit photos before printing. In terms of consumables, a replacement ink cartridge is available on purchase alongside 100 sheets of photo paper for printing. Mobile devices supported include both iOS and Android phones and tablets, with a first photo print in 36 seconds and computer compatibility with Windows, Mac, Fire and Chromebook machines.

Stacey Tiu, Epson America’s Product Manager for Consumer Inkjets, stated: “Catering to today’s mobile lifestyles, the wireless and space-saving PictureMate PM-400 allows photo enthusiasts and busy families to print and share everyday moments wherever they occur and regardless of which device you are using.

The PictureMate PM-400 is now available for $249.99 (€222).

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UK comedian mocks ink prices

September 30, 2015


Gorman takes his revenge on the expensive printer

Dave Gorman said in his stand-up TV show Modern life is goodish that being gifted an Epson Stylus Photo R800 was like “being given a puppy that only eats gold”.

The British comedian told a member of his audience he could have the device for free, but then destroyed it with a sledgehammer after the man turned down the offer because of the price of the ink cartridges. You can view the clip here.

Gorman explained his bemusement that the printer needed both a photo black and matte black cartridge, as well as cartridges for red, blue, cyan, yellow, magenta and gloss optimiser, and that it would cost £130 ($197/€176) to fill the machine.

“I am living in a world where it would cost me three times as much to fill my printer as my car,” the comedian complained. He also said that since the Epson ink is nearly nine times as expensive as vintage champagne, we should be “launching ships with printer ink to really show off”.

He went on to compare the fact that when one cartridge is low the others cannot be used to ordering a black coffee in a café and being told that they are out of milk.

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Jet Tec reduces inkjet packaging size

September 28, 2015

The new post-friendly packaging means inkjet products can now be categorised as ‘large letter’, allowing postage savings for online resellers.Reduced_Packaging

Mail order and online resellers can save up to £2 ($3.04/€2.72) as the products will no longer have to be delivered as ‘parcels’. The blister packaging will be released for a select range of HP, Canon and Epson single inkjets in the coming weeks.

Becky Capes, Business Development Manager for Jet Tec, commented: “Our team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the new reduced packaging meets all relevant specifications to qualify as mail-friendly, and we are fortunate enough to be able to develop all of this on site with our own moulds and equipment.

“We’re looking forward to launching this with our resellers and helping them to make savings too.”


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Former HP director joins Armor

September 24, 2015

Van der GijpGerwald Van der Gijp has joined the remanufacturer as Business Unit Director for Armor Office Printing Corporate, which is dedicated to laser and inkjet printer cartridges for businesses.

The Dutch businessman spent 15 years working for HP, particularly within its various PC business units. He started off in finance and moved on to marketing and sales management before becoming a Business Unit Manager. He became Director of the PC Business Unit for EMEA in 2011.

Armor said that Van der Gijp’s expertise in IT sales and distribution channels will add “further impetus” to the company’s strategy for accessing new markets and channels, developing its presence in Germany, the UK and Northern Europe, as well as in Africa and the Middle East.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of Armor, commented: “This appointment demonstrates Armor’s continued commitment to its growth strategy with the launch of the new OWA offer, the first French printing solution that is part of the circular economy.”

Van der Gijp said: “After an enriching experience spanning 20 years within a large group, I wanted to dedicate myself to a smaller company with high-growth potential. At Armor, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit: a real capacity to innovate and invest, a strong skill set and a desire to keep moving forward.”

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UK wide-format specialist launches solvent inks

September 21, 2015

AtlanticAtlantic Tech Services has launched the ColourSure range, which is designed to improve print quality and reduce annual ink-use costs, with clients already reporting 40 percent savings on OEM alternatives.

The range has improved jetting properties for wide-format inking systems and printheads, extending printhead and printer life, PrintWeek reported. The ink is available in 440ml cartridges and one-litre bottles, priced at £59 ($91/€81) and £79 ($122/€109) respectively, and is for use in the ColourSure Eco Bulk Inking system.

The range comprises CMYK, light cyan, light magenta and two whites. ColourSure is said to be ideal for indoor and outdoor uses and capable of withstanding long periods of outdoor exposure, Atlantic stated, while offering an environmentally-friendly solution. The company further suggested the ink as an alternative to Roland Eco-Sol Max, Mutoh Eco Ultra and Mimaki ES-3 Eco Solvent ink formulations.

Keith Pratt, Director, said: “The inks allow users to utilise existing colour profiles to avoid the costs and downtime in creating new profiles. We do service support to Roland, Mutoh and Mimaki printers and supply finishing kit to sign and digital industry such as laminators and trimmers. Customers said they also wanted consumables.”

He added that clients report 40 percent savings with the new range over OEM inks and that “they are the enjoying colour vibrancy and less problems with blocked nozzles.

“The inks flow through print systems easier, so the amount of in-house cleaning has gone down and we are seeing a drop in service calls.”

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OCP releases ink for HP 934 and 935 series

September 14, 2015

ocp hp carts 2The single-ink pigmented cartridges were released in July 2014 and are compatible with the Officejet Pro 6220e, 6230e, 6815e, 6820e, 6830 and 6835e printers.

The HP 934 and 935 exist in standard, XL yield and SETUP format, with the XL versions featuring two tank sections while the standard yield has only one, while the sponge contains the ink within the cartridge and a dividing wall opens between the rear section and front chamber.

The SETUP cartridges are designed for printer initialisation, ensuring calibration of the ink level gauge, but print the same number of pages as the standard range and are only available out of the box.

The OCP code for the 934 black range is BKP 225, with the standard and SETUP ranges featuring a yield of 400 pages and 1,000 for the XL. The 935 range covers cyan, magenta and yellow, which are coded CP 225, MP 225 and YP 225 respectively, with the standard and SETUP ranges featuring a 400 page yield, and 825 pages for the XL category.

The new Officejet Pro 6000-series replaces the 2012 Officejet 6000-series, with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud support as well as HP ePrint added to its features,, while pigment inks and page yields remain the same as in previous models.

OCP said that “sample sets are – as always – available” and that “the necessary replacement chips will be available from stock soon”. Jero’s HpCa Jig is recommended for refilling, while the supplier said is also in stock.

For more information, visit

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Canon specialist says inkjet technology could overtake laser

September 14, 2015

Heinrich Pretorius

Heinrich Pretorius

A South Africa-based expert in the OEM’s offering says high-yield and single ink cartridges are putting business inkjet printers “on a par with lasers, for a reduced capital outlay”.

Heinrich Pretorius, Canon Product Specialist at distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC), says that the new technology is overcoming the traditional problem that despite inkjet’s cheap capital outlay, “replacement ink has always been a significant expense, raising the cost per page of printing”, IT Online reported.

Among the “many different options” for inkjet devices, entry-level units require the lowest capital outlay, but also use the tri-cartridge system, meaning the whole cartridge must be replaced when just one colour runs out. This makes it “advisable” for business users requiring higher printing volumes to purchase a higher specification printer offering single ink cartridges.

Extra-large cartridges are also now available for inkjet printers, further reducing cost per page and “adding value”, according to Pretorius. Inkjets are also becoming more focused on business clients as single function and MFP devices with monthly page volumes of upwards of 1,500 pages become available, offering print speeds of 23ppm in black and white, and 15ppm in colour.

Print quality is also increased by “water, friction and marker resistant print” options, enabling inkjets to effectively compete with the laser market.


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Epson cartridges waste 20 percent of ink

September 14, 2015

A printing company found that on average a 700 ml cartridge still contains about 100ml of ink when the device reaches one percent capacity and has to be replaced, while “many times” they contain 150ml or more.

Bellevue Fine Arts also found that for a 350ml cartridge, 60 to 80ml of ink was left, in its experiments cutting open allegedly empty 9900 series cartridges, Boing Boing reported.

Boing Boing blogger Cory Doctorow said of the cartridges were “not an aberration. It’s not a coincidence that a company that can put its competitors in jail “accidentally” used s****y sensors that add a 20 percent premium to its $1,465 (€1,292) consumables”.

Bellevue said that “Epson needs to do a better job of ink measurement in their 9900 series printers. We throw away hundreds of dollars of ink every month.” The printing company has produced a video showing the ink being poured out of the ‘empty’ cartridges.


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Epson launches new RIPS machines in India

September 11, 2015

The OEM has launched two new devices that utilise refillable ink packs.

Epson's WorkForce Pro WF-8591

Epson’s WorkForce Pro WF-8591

Technuter reported on the launch of the WorkForce Pro WF-R8591 and R5691 inkjet MFPs, part of a range announced last year that utilise replaceable ink pack systems (RIPS) for a “far higher volume of ink compared to traditional ink cartridges”.

The machines offer enough ink to “print up to 75,000 A4 pages” in both black and colour, and the two new devices are said to offer the “lowest print cost in this category” of 30 paise per page ($0.005/€0.004) for monochrome and 75 paise ($0.011/€0.01) in colour. Epson noted that the WF-R8591 will be available in desktop and pedestal models, at respective prices of Rs 193,999 ($2,920/€2,588) and Rs 262,996 ($3,959/€3,508), while the R5961 will be available for Rs 98,999 ($1,490/€1,320).

Minoru Usui, President and CEO of Epson, spoke to Indian press about the machines, stating: “At Epson we are focused on creating products that exceed the expectations of our customers. Our aim in India and around the world is to become a company that is truly indispensable to our customers, and I believe RIPS is one way in which we will achieve that.

“Our unique technology offers significant benefits to office and professional customers in terms of cost, productivity and the environment. Based on our industrial grade PrecisionCore technology, I believe we have the potential to shift office printing from laser to inkjet, and this is one step in that direction. Ultimately when it comes to printing, my overall aim is simply “everything printed by Epson.”

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Epson launches new printers in UK

September 4, 2015

The OEM announced new AIOs and the future launch of the EcoTank range.

Epson's Expression Home XP-332

Epson’s Expression Home XP-332

ePhotozine reported on the launch of a range of new AIOs and the EcoTank range of printers, which utilise refillable ink tanks and were launched in the US last month. The new AIOs are in the Expression Home, Premium and Photo ranges, with five new printers in the first two and one machine in the last, while the EcoTank range also has five machines.

The Expression Home devices includes the XP-435, 432, 335, 332 and 235, and feature the OEM’s new Claria Home inkjet ink sets, with individual inks so users “only ever need to replace the colour used”, as well as automatic wireless set-up. The Premium range consists of the XP-830, 624, 630 and 530, with four-colour dye and pigment inks and a Photo Black inkjet cartridge, while the sole Photo machine – the XP-360 – features six-colour individual Claria Photo HD inkjet inks.

All three ranges feature automatic document feeders and duplexing, two paper trays and special paper paths for thicker media, and are all available now. The EcoTanks meanwhile include the ET-2500, 2550, 4500, 4550 and 14000, with two years’ worth of ink included alongside duplexing, A3 prints and wireless and mobile compatibility. The 2500, 2550 and 4500 feature yields of 4,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour, the 4550 11,000 pages in black and colour, and the 14000 7,100 pages in black and 5,700 pages in colour.

The EcoTank machines will be launched later this month, starting from £229.99 ($348.99/€313.94), and additional ink bottles will cost from £7.66 ($11.62/€10.45).

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