USITC recommends Epson GEO

November 26, 2015

USITC logoJudge Dee Lord said it is “proper to issue GEOs” in the case, which relates to “certain ink cartridges and components thereof”.

The case was confirmed in January by the USITC (United States International Trade Commission), and relates to patents 8,366,233; 8,454,116; 8,794,749; 8,801,163 and 8,882,513.

Cease and desist orders were also recommended for InkPro2day and Zinyaw, as both have been “found in default” earlier this year, and the USITC added that there is evidence that the former “maintains a commercially significant inventory of infringing Epson-compatible ink cartridges in the USA”.

The OEM said from the outset of the investigation that it previously obtained a GEO in an action in 2006 “that is still enforced” concerning a “broad range of on-carriage cartridges” for both consumer and business inkjet machines.

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Mumbai raid on Epson ink counterfeiter

November 18, 2015

MumbaiPolice have raided the premises of a dealer of counterfeit Epson ink bottles in Goregaon, Mumbai, with four arrested.

Bhimji Hathihayi, owner of the Rinkal stationery store that sold the counterfeit ink bottles, was arrested, along with Kalpesh and Bhavesh Patel, of Ambika Computers, which acted as the stockist, and Arvind Chamariya aka Pravin, partner of the bottling unit in Goregaon, Tech Vorm reported.

Large quantities of Epson ink bottles, holograms, stickers and packaging were also seized, and the four were charged with infringing the IP rights of the OEM. Mumbai police arrested a reseller in July for selling counterfeit HP toner cartridges, with 12 seized during that arrest.

Epson said the Mumbai police had been “extremely efficient in curbing this issue of infringement” and that the manufacturer “takes great pride in maintaining an exceptional standard of ethics, while expecting related parties to show adequate respect for its rights”.

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Epson may build Indian manufacturing facility

November 11, 2015

Epson Global President Minoru UsuiGlobal President Minoru Usui said that while there are no “immediate plans” for a new factory, increasing demand for printers and projectors in India may lead to one.

He made the comments during an interview with Business Today, during his visit to India to celebrate the OEM’s 25th year operating in the country.

Usui said the “fundamental change” his leadership bought in was transitioning from making printers to compete with HP, Canon and the other OEMs to focusing on “how we can meet the expectations of our customers”, particularly in areas of strength such as inkjet printers.

In efforts to reduce customers’ needs to think about the costs of printing, the ink tank printer range was developed, leading to a 51 percent share in the inkjet market for Epson, while the Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) is also being introduced in India to further its growth.

The executive also said that it is looking at software as an area of growth, and that he would like to work with Indian IT companies because of the “excellent […] solutions” they offer.

Speaking of 3D printing, Usui said that the technology is yet to become suitable for mass production and that Epson is “doing basic development” in R&D, with something to emerge in four to five years. He would like to focus on 3D printing in a similar way to how they have historically concentrated on inkjet over laser printing, in areas where they can undercut competitors.

The key problems with the solutions are their limited range of materials, the slow speed at which the devices print and their lack of precision, all areas Epson is hoping to improve in so it can offer a competitive solution.

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Epson applies for cartridge refilling patent

November 5, 2015

The OEM’s application covers a “refilled [inkjet] cartridge and method for manufacturing” it, which could have implications for the industry.

Epson's patent application - EP 2 689 932 A3

Epson’s patent application – EP 2 689 932 A3

The European patent application – EP 2 689 932 A3 – covers a “refilled cartridge and method for manufacturing” said cartridge, with the application document providing detail on the inner workings, as well as how the air pressure works within the cartridge. It adds that the method is “provided for performing refilling of printing material after use”, with mentions of a “detection section that optically detects the printing material inside the chamber”.

In addition, the document mentions an “air introduction port that introduces outside air into the chamber”; a valve section “that opens and closes the air introduction port according to the negative pressure inside the chamber”; and a supply port “that supplies the printing material within the chamber to the outside”. The manufacturing method for the cartridge means that the “printing material is refilled into the chamber so that a designated volume of air exists after refilling of the printing material is completed”.

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Epson invests €50 million in European growth

November 3, 2015

Epson-WorkForce-Pro-WP-4535The amount will be invested over the next two years, with the WorkForce Pro EcoTank devices expected to drive the growth.

Epson thinks the new devices will take advantage of the on-going shift from laser to business inkjet in SMEs, Dealer Support reported.

Rob Clark, Senior Vice President of Epson Europe, said that the investment would go into infrastructure, IT and marketing, with the regional workforce increasing 10 percent. He predicts high speed, energy-efficiency business inkjet devices will increase in Europe during the next five to 10 years, especially in large corporations.

“Global investments in key regions such as Europe, the Middle East and Africa will continue to be necessary to enable the company to sustain growth in business markets over the medium to long-term,” he said.

“Particular emphasis in this round of investment will be placed on enhancing our competitive participation in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, including the opening of new offices in Berlin, Munich, Lisbon and Madrid.”

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Epson printing revenue grows in 1H2015

October 29, 2015

The recently released WorkForce Pro 6530

The recently released WorkForce Pro 6530

The OEM’s overall revenue came in at ¥542 billion ($4.4 billion/€4.1 billion), up from the figure for the respective 2014 period, which was ¥512 billion ($4.2 billion/€3.8 billion).

Profits before tax were registered at ¥40.1 billion ($331 million/€303 million), dropping substantially from the 2014 figure of ¥80.6 million ($665 million/€609 million). The ‘Printing Solutions’ segment, which includes label printers and industrial inkjets, saw its revenue increase, “helped in part by foreign exchange effects”.

Inkjet revenue increased despite falling printer unit shipments, as high-capacity ink tank printer revenue grew sharply in Asia and other regions “owing to a reinforced lineup”. Consumables revenue also increased, because of “an improved install base composition”, as did demand for ink.

The company reported that “inkjet printer demand was flat year-on-year in North America and Europe”, while large-format demand was “firm” in North America, Europe and Japan, while it was dampened in Latin America by the “effects of economic declaration”. Page printer revenue fell as unit shipments decreased, purportedly owing to the OEM’s focus on “high added value models”.

Serial-impact dot-matrix (SDIM) devices printers “continued to contract” in the Americas and Europe, while unit sales remained firm in China, which showed “on-going demand from the taxation collection systems market”. Revenue increased on the whole.

Revenue also went up for large-format printers, despite “sluggish” demand due to currency. Firm demand in the large-photo and colour calibration markets drove growth, with expanded applications for textile printers.

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Epson Middle East to expand sales

October 26, 2015

middle-east-mapWalid Abdulmoti, Marketing Manager for the OEM division, said that the company hopes to increases sales 15 percent year-on-year in 2015.

He added with reference to the upward trend that customers are “more cautious about spending at this time”, Khaleej Times reported from the Gitex (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Technology show, where Epson was showcasing its latest EcoTank devices.

The publication said that the new printer range can print 100 colour pages for just DRH1 ($0.27/€0.24).

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Epson launches new P-series SureColor printers

October 22, 2015

Epson SureColor P6000The SureColor P600 and P7000 are 24-inch printers, while the P8000 and P9000 are 44-inch devices, all equipped with the OEM’s latest PrecisionCore TFP printhead.

The devices also feature the newly-developed UltraChrome archival ink technology, with the P7000 and P9000 hosting a reformulated UltraChrome HDX 10-colour ink set, while the P6000 and P8000 have an eight-colour set, PR Newswire reported.

The UltraChrome HD and HDX inks integrate next-generation yellow pigment ink technology for what Epson claims is up to double the overall permanence of previous generations, along with black density for prints with reportedly greater impact and optical clarity.

The printers are available for purchase through licensed resellers and will be on display at the PhotoPlus Expo from 22 to 24 October, at the Javits Center in New York City.

Mark Radogna, Group Manager for Professional Imaging for Epson America, said: “The SureColor P-Series incorporate the latest in printing technology and we are very excited to begin shipping these new printers. Available now through our authorised SureColor P-Series resellers, we’re excited to see how the creative community utilises these amazing new tools.”

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Epson EcoTank and HP Instant Ink compared

October 22, 2015

The Epson Eco Tank system

The Epson Eco Tank system

The Epson system is “a lot more fiddly to set up” while “higher specced” models offer high-quality prints, and the HP offering is best for “ease of use, low entry cost, and the freedom to print photos” more readily.

The review by PC Advisor looked at the cheapest variants available, “each of which came with ink”: the HP Envy 5530, priced at £59 ($91/ €80), and the Epson L355, priced at £219.99 ($340.30/€300.92), and assessed how they compare for set up, print quality and running costs.

Setting up the HP device involved plugging in the cartridges and connecting the printer to the internet, to sign up to the Instant Ink service, a “relatively pain-free” process with the reviewers “happy to find” the 5530 had its own email address, allowing direct printing from phone, tablet or Chromebook. The L355 was “a little more involved”, requiring four bottles of ink to be poured into their respective reservoirs.

Despite taking care when pouring it in, the team still got ink on their fingers “which took several washes to remove”, after which the device took 20 minutes to move the ink into the pipes that supply the print heads. They described the process as “confusing”, as there was no display to show what was happening, but it was soon finished.

Turning to print quality, both printers showed “respectable results” and were “perfectly good home devices”. The Instant Ink device had “sharp, clear text” on its prints, and after spilling water on it to test the waterproofing feature, after 20 minutes drying it was almost pristine, but for the crinkling of the paper, while the same test for the Epson ink showed “more traditional swelling and darkening of the text”, although it was still readable.

For photos, the Epson printer “favoured a darker treatment of colours”, with the contrast seemingly higher than the HP offerings. Images had a “more grainy, at times pale, tone but felt sharp in detail”, while the HP variant’s prints were similar to the “heavily saturated approach that Apple and Samsung use on their smartphone cameras”.

Its images “popped with vibrant hues” which were attractive but not wholly accurate, and the researchers described them as “just a little too enthusiastic” in some instances. Pale bands sometimes appeared for both platforms, when perhaps a nozzle head “isn’t delivering ink correctly”. The Epson also occasionally deposited slight ink marks at the bottom of text documents.

In conclusion, the reviewers said of the HP system that “we like the idea of knowing what we can print, and not having to rush out when the printer starts to run dry. In some ways it’s a little more expensive, especially if you mostly print plain text documents, but the costs are manageable and you can of course always cancel the subscription at any time and put non-HP cartridges in the printer instead”.

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Epson invests ¥3.4 billion in printhead factory

October 21, 2015

Epson factory

A computer-created image of the new facility

Construction of the Japanese facility will begin in November 2015, with operations set to commence in autumn 2016.

The ¥3.4 billion ($28 million/€25 million) will support the factory that will triple Akita Epson’s current Micro Piezo printhead production capacity; the printheads are used in the OEM’s ink tank and business inkjet printers.

The factory floor will be 10,528 square metres wide, with some 30 employees based at the site. Takashi Mitsui, President of Akita Epson, said: “Akita Epson is an important domestic production site with advanced technological capability and a close working relationship with Epson’s corporate R&D function.

“We make a significant contribution to the manufacturing capability of the entire Epson Group, sharing with Epson’s overseas manufacturing plants the technical expertise we have gained from manufacturing core devices.

He added: “By using Epson’s original production equipment and automating and rationalising production lines, the new plant will further raise our production capability.”

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