Epson launches two wide-formats in USA

June 21, 2016

The two new models are part of the SureColor P-Series printers.

epson printer imaging

The SureColor P10000 is 44 inches and the SureColor P20000 is 64 inches, and both are enhanced by PrecisionCore MicroTFP printheads, the OEM reported in a press release. They also feature a “new media feeding system and reformulated Epson UltraChrome PRO nine-colour pigment inks”, with imaging speeds of 1,311 square feet per hour.

Both have a “high resolution” of 2,400 x 1,200dpi, and within the pigment ink set there are “four levels of ‘grey ink technology’”. The SureColor SC-P10000 and SC-P20000 are respectively priced at $6,995 (€6169) and $11,995 (€10,579).

Larry Kaufman, Product Manager for Epson America, stated: “Leveraging superior printing technology, the new SureColor P-Series models push the boundaries of previous graphics, fine art and photographic printing capabilities. We’re excited to be shipping this new class of printers to our channel partners and customers and look forward to seeing how the print-on-demand and creative communities put these new tools to use, boosting productivity and uncovering new revenue opportunities.”



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CRN names Epson executive Woman of the Channel

June 17, 2016

Epson logoCRN’s The Channel Company added Patricia O’Brian to its esteemed list.

O’Brian, Director of Commercial Sales at Epson America Inc., was recognised for “her outstanding leadership, vision and unique role in driving channel growth and innovation”, said a report from Benzinga. There was a long list of women executives but O’Brian was singled out for her contributions to “the growth and streamlining of channel partnerships, programmes and strategies”, as well as providing “end user teams with the ability to generate new opportunities with their accounts and cross sell all product[s]”.

Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company, said “These executives have made a lasting mark on our industry – growing and elevating partner programmes, leading transitions to new business models and introducing cutting-edge go-to-market strategies, among other remarkable achievements. We congratulate all the 2016 Women of the Channel and celebrate their singular contributions to the advancement of the channel ecosystem.”

O’Brian said of the award: “I am honoured to be named a 2016 CRN Woman of the Channel, along with a continued effort in technology innovation and advancements, and strong channel partnerships, our goal is to implement ongoing improvement and growth to channel and end-user programmes, provide best-in-class support and an increased value in channel partnerships that can lead to long-term relationships.”



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Epson China cartridge case influences IP court

June 13, 2016

The OEM’s case against Zheng Yali in 2010 continues to have an effect over other Chinese cases.

The Supreme People's Court in China

The Supreme People’s Court in China

Mondaq hosted an article from the CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office, discussing how a newer case, Shimano Inc. v. PRB, has been influenced by Zheng Yali v. Seiko Epson Corporation & PRB et al, a case which took place at the Supreme People’s Court of China in 2010. The Shimano case concluded in 2013, but the office has covered the ongoing importance of both cases, specifically the Epson one to this later matter.

The Shimano case concerned the bicycle manufacturer’s fight against the Patent Reaxamination Board (PRB), where in 2013 the Supreme Court sided with the PRB in terms of an “invalid” Chinese patent registered by Shimano, with the latter appealing the decision and asking for a retrial. What is key is that Shimano was found against because of “two amendments made to the claims”, and the CCPIT asked if the amendments “introduce new matters” not contained in the original case.

These changes were to wording of a number of terms, and the Epson case was referred to by the Supreme People’s Court in a move that the CCPIT says might show it is “changing [its] mind” on the issue of “new matter”, or amendments to patents. The law in question was Article 33, which had been “debated extensively for several years” even before the Epson case concluded in 2011.

Examination of amendments in that case were argued to have been “too strict”, while rejections were made “too readily”, with the law reading that “an applicant may amend his or its application for a patent, but the amendment to the application for a patent for invention or utility model may not go beyond the scope of disclosure contained in the initial description and claims, and the amendment to the application for a patent for design may not go beyond the scope of the disclosure as shown in the initial drawings or photographs”.

Amendments, the CCPIT notes, “may result in new matters”, and in summary, means that the court assesses “whether the technical solution/invention as a whole after amendment has been contained in the application documents”. The Epson case had concerned an inkjet cartridge patent, with the OEM appealing invalidation and winning, with a withdrawal of the invalidation.

However, one of the instigators, Zheng Yali, asked for a retrial in the Supreme People’s Court, though they saw the retrial request rejected. The court felt that while the amendments were allowed, the law also restricts them to applications, adding that the amendments “should be interpreted from the view of a person of ordinary skill in the art”, and stating that Epson’s changes were not confusing nor adding complexity

In the Shimano case, the court was seen to change its perspective, because the amendments in this case – similar to those in the Epson case – were denied by both the court and the PRB, with the CCPIT noting that “it seems that the court abandons” the ruling it had made previously, as well as not giving “a clear answer”, with the Epson case’s impact expected to continue to be seen in a “less stricter” interpretation of the laws – it does not expect the latest case to change that.

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Epson releases two new photo printers

June 13, 2016

The OEM has launched two new models ideal for amateur and semi-professional printer imaging

Techvorm reported that the printers are “the world’s first 17 inch A2 printers”, and that the SureColor SC-P807 and the SureColor SC-P607 are inkjet photo printers and have wireless connectivity. The SC-P807 is priced at Rs 89,669 (€1,186/$1,336) while the SC-P607 is Rs 73,609 (€973/$1,096)

The SC-P607 model is directed at businesses that require high quality colour productions, such as architects, estate agents and advertising agents, while the SC-P807 is more for the serious home professional and studios. The printers feature Epson’s “new UltraChrome HD ink” which is a nine colour ink set that can produce a 2.86 DMax, said to be the “highest of any A3 photo printer on the market”, and a broad spectrum of media can be used to print.

If devices connected to the internet have downloaded either Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, consumers can print direct from the screen. Connectivity is supplied by built in 100Mbit Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, wireless and Hi-Speed USB 2.0. The devices have a 2.7-inch tilting colour LCD touch panel, which allows functions to be controlled from the screen including setting up so a PC is not required.






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Epson awarded inkjet GEO

June 3, 2016

The USITC's headquarters in Washington D.C.

The USITC’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

The OEM was awarded the GEO in late May in regards to a patent infringement case concerning inkjet cartridges.

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) announced the General Exclusion Order (GEO) on 26 May, which prohibits “the importation into the United States of ink cartridges and components thereof” covered by a series of patents that the OEM claimed a range of aftermarket defendants infringed. The case began in December 2014, and has now been terminated as a result of the GEO.

Patents named in the case included: 8,366,233; 8,454,116; 8,794,749; 8,801,163 and 8,882,513, and the 19 companies named as defendants included: Zhuhai Nano Digital Technology Co., Ltd.; Nano Business & Technology, Inc.; Zhuhai National Resources & Jingjie Imaging Products Co. Ltd.; Huebon Co., Ltd.; Chancen Co. Ltd.; Zhuhai Rich Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.; Shanghai Orink Infotech International Co., Ltd.; and Orink Infotech International Co. Ltd.

Others consisted of: Zinyaw LLC; Yotat Group Co., Ltd.; Yotat (Zhuhai) Technology Co. Ltd.; Ourway Image Co. Ltd.; Kingway Image Co. Ltd.; Zhuhai Chinamate Technology Co. Ltd.; InkPro2day, LLC; Dongguan Ocbestjet Printer Consumables Co. Ltd.; Ocbestjet Printer Consumables (HK) Co., Ltd.; Aomya Printer Consumables (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd.; and Zhuhai Richeng Development Co. Ltd.

The GEO covers cartridges infringing the patents in question that enter “for consumption into the United States, entry for consumption from foreign trade zone[s], or withdrawal from a warehouse for consumption under bond from the day after” the order was received by the US Trade Representative. Immediately after the GEO was announced, two defendants – Zinyaw LLC and InkPro2Day LLC – were handed cease-and-desist orders by the USITC as well.

Another of the defendants – Zhuhai Richeng – settled with Epson last year after sending a letter to The Recycler and the OEM apologising for any wrongdoing.

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Epson plans expansion of manufacturing site

May 31, 2016

Epson Philippines plans to build a P4.5 billion ($900 million/€800 million) plant. 

The expansion will bring more jobs to the inhabitants and “will increase the export business of Epson Philippines” (PH), said Toshimitsu Tanaka, President and Country Manager. As reported by The Recycler last week, the plant is expected to be completed in 2017, and according to Inquirer.NetEpson Philippines Tanaka said that “the company’s growth path was not formulated for mere survival, but as a show of force on how technology can constantly improve the ecosystem of business. We want consumers to discover more of our products. We are more than just printers; there are several other gems to be found using our technology.

“Our aim is to be indispensable. We must continue to develop new products. Innovation is mandatory. But the key is to find the specific market to focus on and grow from there”. Epson had its 40th anniversary last year, and Tanaka puts the growth of the company down to “good research and technology”, commenting that, “If we were only competing in the Philippines, then it would have been easier. But we’re also trying to keep pace with the world, so more work has to be put into every product we create”. He also added that the drive has always been to “develop energy efficient products, but with sleek designs”.

The WorkForce Pro WF-R8591, which uses a Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), is an example of Tanaka’s comment, and is said to be distinctive because of its technology which “transfers ink into a medium with laser-like precision”. It also “consumes less energy (it can be powered by a stationary bike) and can print over 75,000 pages in 20 days”.

The Office Papermaking system meanwhile is “the world’s first dry process paper recycling machine”, and “to lessen a client’s carbon footprint”, Epson has invented a method to “upcycle used coupon bond papers to create new papers”. The company says that “upcycled” “paper can be used up to five times, and is “targeting government and banking institutions to use this technology”.

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Epson introduces new series of printers

May 25, 2016

Epson logoThe WorkForce 2700 Series of business printers are said to be “fast and versatile”.

The OEM has launched the new all in one printers “designed for home use” reported PR Newswire. The WF-2760 and WF-2750 use wireless technology and Epsons PrecisionCore which enables more “professional documents at fast print speeds”. Compatible with a wide range of mobile printing options it is said to be easy to use and increases productivity with a “150 sheet paper capacity”. Documents can be scanned and saved to cloud for easy access.

“The Epson WorkForce printer portfolio is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and the new WF-2700 printers are fast, reliable and versatile offering easy to use features ideal for home offices,” said Steve Michelle, Product Manager, Printers, Epson America. “In addition to the convenience enabled by a range of wireless printing options, the WF-2700-Series delivers the high quality prints for which Epson is known, due to the incorporation of PrecisionCore technology.

The Epson WorkForce WF-2760 $129.99 (€115) and WF-2750 $99.99 (€88) will be available in June 2016 through major computer, office and electronic superstores, mail order, and the Epson Store





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Epson expect stronger sales and greater exports.

May 23, 2016

Economic growth has encouraged sales in the Philippines.Epson logo

Due to an economic upsurge in the domestic sector, Epson Precision Philippines Inc. believes sales will be greater than those of its counterpart in the region, reported The Standard. Epson’s Head of Marketing Division, Ed Bonoan, said, “We are quite bullish about this year. The past few years we’ve been blessed with good economic growth, which spurred demand for our products. So, the same thing also [for this year], it looks like the Philippines is expected to be one of the leaders in growth in terms of countries with regards to its neighbours. The economy seems be doing well and it’s suspected to do well, we also expect that we will be able to take advantage also of the demand generated by good economic situation.”

The economy is expected to grow this year 6.8 percent to 7.8 percent, as measured by the gross domestic product. Bonoan said that “Epson Philippines expects revenues to expand by double digits this year, driven by higher sales of inkjet printer and projector”. He also stated that, “We are doing a lot of sales with regards to inkjet and we are still expected to grow in terms of our market share, [but] I cannot share how much we will grow in terms of market share. We expect that business condition will be a good driver for growth and also our readiness in terms of competition put us really at an advantage that why we are also help propel our growth,” adding that “ Epson planned to expand operations in Visayas and Mindanao”.

Earlier Epson said that it anticipated to start operating the new plant in Batangas by 2017 so that they could increase manufacture of ink jet printers and projectors for “local market and exports to the US, Japan and China”. The new venture in Lipa City started construction last year and is expected to increase the volume of production yearly by 1.2 million units of printers and projectors. The current manufacturing plant produces 6 million a year. The facility is installing solar power as a generation system on the roof of the new factory to help save electricity and power

“Geographically we are seeing a lot of growth in provinces, so there’s a lot of room for expansion in provinces which [is] exactly [where] we are going. We are doing a lot of ramping up for our initiatives, not only the major cities but secondary cities,” declared Bonoan.



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New printing package launched by Epson

May 23, 2016

The new printing package comes with fixed fees and is aimed at small businesses. Epson logo

The new Print365 is a “fully-serviced printing package with low, fixed fees” said Dealer Support in a news release. This means that IT resellers can provide additional value to consumers without “servicing a managed print service contract”.

The new service uses a new straight forward contract, (similar to mobile phones), and applies this to the MPS which is designed for “SME end users” and can be bought from IT resellers. Everything is covered within a 36 month contract so there are no hidden costs. The report says that, “Print365 saves time and money spent finding the right supplies, buying online, keeping stock and paying invoices”.

Paul Steels, Vice President, Business, Epson Europe, said: “We want to deliver our channel all the tools and support to offer Managed Print Services to their SME end-user. Print365 enables them to protect their existing customers while adding additional profit. It offers a state-of-the art reseller portal, including assessment, quotation, dashboard and service functionalities, so the reseller only has to manage their customer relationship.”





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Epson reports mixed yearly results

May 11, 2016

Epson logoThe OEM saw a slight increase in revenue, and then declines across the board in profit.

In its results, Epson stated that revenue had increased year-over-year by 0.6 percent, from ¥1.086 trillion ($10.008 billion/€8.756 billion) to ¥1.092 trillion ($10.064 billion/€8.805 billion), though profit fell from ¥101 billion ($933 million/€816 million) to ¥84,951,000,000 ($782 million/€684 million), a drop of 16.1 percent. Its more comprehensive results document meanwhile gave further information and details on the full year’s information, including printing unit performance.

The OEM reported that “inkjet printer demand was flat year-on-year in North America and Europe”, while wide-format inkjet printer demand “was firm in North America and Japan, but demand in Latin America was subdued due to the effects of economic deceleration”. The printing solutions segment saw “printer business revenue increase”, thanks to “foreign exchange effects”, while inkjet printer revenue also grew “despite a decline in ink cartridge printer shipments”.

Revenue increased, Epson commented, “because we continued to rapidly expand sales of high-capacity ink tank printers in Asia and elsewhere by reinforcing the line-up and expanding the sales territory”. For consumables, revenue also increased, and the OEM claimed this was due to “an improve install base composition”. In page printers, revenue fell “due to the result of Epson’s focus on selling high-added-value models and due to a decrease in revenue from toners”.

Finally in the unit, wide-format revenue fell “as sales were weighed down by the effects of steep currency devaluations and economic deceleration in Latin America, China’s slowing growth, and stepped up price-cutting by competitors in the large photo and colour proof printing markets”. Despite this, inkjet textile printer revenue grew, and for the unit, Epson reported that revenue was ¥736.3 billion ($7 billion/€5.9 billion), up by 0.8 percent year-on-year, though segment profit was ¥104.7 billion ($964 million/€843.5 million), declining by six percent compared to last year.




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