Epson launches advert with Lewis Hamilton

October 20, 2016


The advert is to promote Epson’s EcoTank printer, and involves drenching the F1 driver in ink.

Hamilton was drenched in 400 litres of ink, reported The Drum, in an advert for the OEM’s EcoTank printer that is said to be “memorable” – you can view the advert and a video showing the making of it at the end of this article. The advert was created in collaboration with the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, and makes the public aware that Epson supports the team with “inkjet printers, scanners, 3LCD projectors and wearables, including smart glasses”.

Hamilton was quoted as saying: “During the course of each season, I get to take part in some pretty interesting projects through our work with the team’s partners, however I can say with some certainty that this is one of the more unusual. The shoot with Epson for the EcoTank printer was a lot of fun, I always enjoy doing something a bit different and going out of my comfort zone. Having 400 litres of ink thrown at me was a new experience, so I just went with it and I think the output’s really cool.”

Maria Eagling, Director of Marketing, Epson Europe, commented: “The innovative EcoTank system has turned the world of printing upside down, so we wanted to create a film that was equally surprising and memorable. Epson is known as a brand that represents quality, innovation and performance, so people won’t be expecting a fun, wry and high-action film from us.”


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Epson launches five inkjets in Taiwan

October 20, 2016

The OEM has launched five inkjet MFPs in the country’s market.

Epson's L1455 inkjet printer

Epson’s L1455 inkjet printer

Digitimes reported on the launch of the five inkjet MFPs, which include the L1455, L605, L485, L385 and L380, with the L1455 featuring a monochrome print speed of 18ipm and a colour print speed of 10ipm, while the L605 features respective speeds of 13.7ipm and 7.3ipm, and both of these two models feature a minimum cost per page of NT$0.08 in monochrome and NT$0.2 (US$0.01/€0.006) in colour.

The L485, L385 and L380 meanwhile feature the same monochrome and colour print speeds of 10ipm and five ipm respectively, alongside minimum cost per page of NT$0.06 in monochrome and NT$0.18 (US$0.006/€0.005) in colour. The site noted additionally that the Taiwanese market saw Epson become the “largest inkjet printer vendor” with a share of 49 percent in sales volume and 66 percent in sales value in the second quarter, according to IDC.

The printers are available now, with the L4155 retailing at NT$22,900 (US$725.90/€661.50), the L605 at NT$8,490 (US$269.12/€245.24), the L485 at NT$5,990 (US$189.87/€173.03), the L385 at NT$5,490 (US$174.03/€158.41), and the L380 at NT$4,990 (US$158.18/€144.14).

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Epson updates print app

October 6, 2016

Epson ConnectThe Creative Print app now includes “enhancements” such as Instagram links and “increased personalisation capabilities”.

In a press release, the OEM revealed that the Creative Print app’s latest version also features access to the iCloud service, with other “significant enhancements” including “expanded customisation capabilities for Instagram photos” and a “direct link” to the social network on its home screen. Version 4.1 of the app also expands customisation such as placing “text within a collage”, customising “fonts and collage backgrounds”.

Other new features include “seamless wireless printing”, with the aim to bring “digital artwork to life” through “high-quality printed collages, personalised colouring pages, greeting cards, calendars and more”. As part of the Epson Connect suite of “robust” mobile apps, the updated app’s iCloud accessibility means user can access “photos stored on multiple computers, tablets and phones”, and also supports “patterned printing”, which it calls “a useful feature for DIY gift wrapping”.

The app can also connect to Facebook for photo printing, create “custom greeting cards and stationery”, and print photos “directly on [to] CDs/DVDs”, while ink and paper can be bought “directly through the mobile app for added convenience”, and the Creative Print app is free to download on both the Google Play and Apple App Store marketplaces.

Jack Rieger, Senior Product Manager of Software at Epson America, commented: “More than 80 million photos are uploaded to Instagram each day; the app has become such an integral part of our lives, and Epson has simplified the process of turning these digital collages and images into physical photos that can be displayed for decades. The new Creative Print updates make it easy to create professional looking masterpieces with your Instagram photos—with just a few clicks on your mobile device.”

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Epson wide-format Pantone-certified

October 4, 2016

The OEM’s signage printer SureColor SC-S80600 has been Pantone certified with up to 98.2 percent coverage.epson_surecolor_s80600b

The printer was designed for “high colour reproduction on a wide range of substrates” like “vinyl, canvas, film and paper”, reported Wide Format Online, and as part of a series, the SC-S80600 features the same “superior quality imaging with simpler, faster and more efficient operation” as the other two models.

It is said to be cost-effective as “prints can be produced using less ink and less power at faster production speeds and with significantly faster drying times”, noted the report, which added that “all the models in the SureColor Solvent range feature the latest PrecisionCore printheads and use UltraChrome GS3 Eco-Solvent ink”. They also “support resolutions up to 1,440 x 1,440dpi”, and are “driven with Epson Precision Dot Technology for precise and predictable output”.

The heads are “self cleaning […] and do not require regular replacement”, the article added, and also noted that the “ink produces prints with an exceptional level of brightness and outstanding gamut range”. All the models in the series have been designed with a “printhead guard [which] guard provides protection against head crashes while collecting any dust and fluff that may be carried by media. There is also an air circulation system which reduces static build-up while removing airborne dust and ink droplets”.

Craig Heckenberg, General Manager of the Business Division at Epson Australia, said: “This is a very significant development for the durable signage market. Outdoor material can finally be produced digitally with true and accurate colour. With the SureColor Signage range prints can be produced with brighter imaging and a wider colour gamut than previously possible with either solvent or competing ink technologies. We are extremely proud of this achievement and it is great to see the Pantone label on another one of our printers.”


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Apex launches new Epson chips

September 29, 2016

The company has launched replacement chips for a range of Epson Expression printers.

Epson's Expression XP-430

Epson’s Expression XP-430

Apex reported that the chips are designed for use in Epson’s Expression XP-430, 530 and 231 series of printers, in the North American and South American markets. The company had launched replacement chips for the XP-235, 332 and 432 earlier this year, with the 235 chips also launched in Australia in August.

The chips are used on the T288, 410 and 296 inkjet cartridges, and Apex states that the chips “have a strong durability and high resistan[ce] to firmware upgrades”, and utilise its SmartMatch technology to offer “reliability and security […] comparable to [the] OEM’s”. The chips for the T288 come in CMYK, while the 410 chips come in CMYK and pigment black, while the 296 chips come in CMY and XL black.

The 288 cartridges meanwhile are used in the Epson Expression Home XP-430, 330 and 434 devices, while the 410 chips are used in the Expression Premium XP-530, 630, 540, 640 and 900. Finally, the 296 chips are used in the Expression XP-231 and 431 printers.

For more information, visit

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Epson discusses Philippine market

September 28, 2016

The outlook looks promising according to the OEM.Epson logo

The Manila Bulletin reported that the Philippines is favoured over other ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member countries because most of the workforce are fluent in English, making communication easier; labour is cheaper and it is easier to hire staff; and there is “less frequency in wage increase[s]” which are the reasons Epson has chosen to expand “its business in the Philippines”.

Alastair Bourne, spokesperson for Epson, said that “the workforce in the Philippines is very capable, very talented and very adaptable”, with Epson having two manufacturing sites in the country making printers and projectors, but also having invested in a new site in Batangas due to be started in 2017, which could boost the workforce from 12,500 to 20,000.

Bourne commented that “hopefully, that would [lead] to a significant increase in employment in the Philippines”, although this may be jeopardised by President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration who are overseeing the “stop endo” policy, which means that the termination of an employee after five months employment will cease to be legal by 2017; and Duterte has even “threatened to shut down companies engaged in contractualisation”.

The Department of Labour and Employment (DOLE) announced that its target was to reduce contractualisation by 50 percent by the end of the year, and Labour Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III wants the five-year-old Labour order cancelled this year. The DOLE chief has said that “short term employment contracts” are “contrary to the provisions of Articles 106 to 109 of the Labor Code, as amended, or are in circumvention of Article 249, are not allowed”.

Epson “has contravened” the new end-of contract rule according to the news outlet, and is hoping that the new law will give companies “sufficient time to implement appropriate actions”, Bourne noting that “it would include measures that would allow us to make adjustments that take into account seasonal changes in production levels”.

He also stated that “Epson is a law-abiding company” and that it “believes in acting in a way that earns the trust of its employees and local communities”, pointing out that “our stance on the law is that it would not be appropriate to comment at this stage because we do not know the details of the law. When this becomes apparent we will study the details and act appropriately”.



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Epson seizes counterfeits in US raids

September 26, 2016

The OEM has also filed trademark infringement cases against a series of companies after the raids in Nevada.Epson logo

In a press release, the OEM stated that “thousands of counterfeit ink cartridges [were] seized” in the raids earlier this month, with the OEM’s officials supported by US marshals. The filed complaint was for trademark infringement, and included a request for a temporary restraining order and seizure against InkSystem LLC, alongside related companies. These included AF LLC, ART LLC, Lucky Print LLC, Inkredible LLC LLC, and “three individuals”.

The complaint alleged that these companies “were manufacturing, distributing and selling counterfeit Epson-branded ink cartridges”, with US District Court Judge Robert C. Jones accepting the OEM’s request, ordering a temporary restraining order and “seizure of unauthorised products, labels, and equipment as well as business records from defendants’ business premises in and around Reno”, in Nevada.

The search and seizure took place a few days after the order was granted, with Epson officials and US marshals raiding three locations before filing a “report with the court that described the defendants’ counterfeit operations” as well as the seizure of over 14,000 counterfeit ink cartridges “and components sufficient to make many thousands more counterfeits”.

Judge Jones then granted the OEM’s request for a preliminary injunction against trademarket infringement, before lifting the seal on the court documents. Epson stated that it has “made continuous worldwide investments in R&D and large investments in manufacturing in the US to produce high quality, innovative printers and cartridges”, with the actions “part of Epson’s worldwide efforts to protect the company and its customers from unfair competition”.

Jilana Miller, Epson’s Associate General Counsel, commented: “Epson has a long history of vigorous legal action to protect the company, consumers and legitimate resellers from unfair competition. We are pleased that the court recognised the need for quick and decisive action to stop these defendants from defrauding customers by converting third-party remanufactured and grey market cartridges into counterfeit Epson cartridges. We will continue to take whatever action is necessary to protect Epson and the printer supply industry from this type of unfair competition.”

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Epson America launches new printer

September 13, 2016

The OEM has released the “next-generation” Expression Premium XP-640 “small-in-one”.


The new printer is said to be “filled with creative features” and delivers “superior photo quality”, said a press release. There is automatic two-sided printing and the ability to print 4”x 6” and 8”x10” photos within 20 seconds. Wireless connectivity is via Wi-Fi Direct for direct printing from Apple and other mobile devices without the need for a router, and the printer is compatible with Epson’s Creative Print App, allowing Facebook and Instagram photos to be printed.

Epson’s Claria Premium Ink produces photos that are “smudge-, scratch-, water- and fade-resistant” for easy sharing. The Expression Premium XP-640 is compatible with Epson Connect for all online printing requirements and has a 2.7” LCD screen plus built=in USB and memory card slot “for PC-free printing”, and separate trays for “printing photos and CD/DVDs”, as well as cloud connectivity to save scanned projects to.

Monika Dees, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Consumer Inkjets at Epson America, said: “Printed photos are tangible memories that get passed down generations, displayed on family gallery walls, and shared as gifts with loved ones. The Expression Premium XP-640 is the solution to creating lab-quality prints at home so no matter the occasion, high-quality, borderless, photos can be printed and shared quickly.”

The new model is now available and is priced at $149.99 (€133).



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Epson Australia displays signage wide-formats

September 13, 2016



The OEM was set to show its new signage printers at the Visual Impact 2016 event.

Wide-Format Online reported that Epson will demonstrate their SureColor Signage range, the latest of their eco-solvent printers, comprising of the basic S40600 and the high speed S60600 as well as the high colour S80600 all of which have been recognised for their “outstanding print quality and ultra low running costs”.

The new printers feature PrecisionCore head technology and a new UltraChrome ink set that are said to deliver prints of “unparalleled quality, brightness and colour gamut”. The printed matter dries out quickly allowing “same day job turnaround even when lamination is required”. The SC-S60600 offers “high production speeds”, uses a four-colour ink set and can be used with a “wide range of media” for many uses including “durable signage and POS displays, wall finishes, vehicle wraps, labels and decals”.

The OEM will also show the new Epson SureColor Production range, which was developed especially for the POS and POP producers. These feature a new ultra-wide 2.64-inch PrecisionCore printhead and an “advanced intelligent media feed management system”, which allows “production of colour-accurate graphic photo material at speeds of 20-40m2/hr”. This range uses the “new low-cost” aqueous UltraChrome 10 colour ink set providing density of colour and four levels of black.

There is an optional ATU and 320GB HDD+ high-speed Adobe certified Postscript available, and Epson will demonstrate the new 64-inch P20070 with black matte lines that cut the time and cost of interchange. The SureColor Technical range is designed for the retail and business graphic printing organisations and uses a five-colour aqueous UltraChrome ink set on coated and uncoated stocks. providing instant drying and durability “against abrasion and moisture damage”.

Sizes range from 24 to 44 inches, and the printers can also incorporate the optional ATU as well as the 320GB HDD/Postscript module. Epson will also demonstrate the 44-inch T7200D MFP, which has dual roll loading and “high precision LFP scanning/copying functionality”.

Lastly, the OEM will show the SureColor Fabric range, which will cover all of Epson’s solutions, software and hardware including ink and media, which all come with factory guarantees. The high speed F9200 dye-sublimation (DS) printer and the F2000 Direct to Garment (DTG) printer will also be demonstrated.


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Epson discusses reducing business waste

September 9, 2016

The OEEpson logoM’s South African subsidiary gave some tips and advice to reduce workplaces’ carbon footprints.

Gadget reported that “eliminating your carbon footprint altogether is an impossible task”, but some changes to the way business waste is dealt with can help the environment. A study by McKinsey said that 43 percent of executives are “open to aligning sustainability”, which is an increase of 13 percent from 2012, and that making sustainability a business policy is a “great first step towards a greener workplace”.

Epson advises that paper waste can be cut down by sharing handouts at meetings, that Powerpoint presentations can compliment printouts, and that some interactive projectors have smart capabilities – as such, information and notes can be emailed to attendees after the meeting. Even though there are situations that require a printed page, document scanning rather than printing can be more efficient and cheaper to “capture and share documents wirelessly via email”, while using Adobe Acrobat will allow editing in a “user-friendly way”.

Using recyclable products in the office is becoming more common, and includes stationery as well as “manual shredders” that do not need energy power. Epson recommends its Eco Tank printers, which reduce the cost of printing because they can be refilled, while they also advise checking the settings on printers, scanners and photocopiers to make sure that they are “programmed to return to a default single print function” after use. Duplex printing will help to save paper, and investing in an inkjet printer rather than a laser will also cut costs, the OEM added

Lastly, the OEM advises that recycling and upcycling where possible should be part of business policy, and that when replacing old equipment it should be disposed of in “the correct way”. When replacing old electronics, the advice is to look for products that have recycling labels on the packaging. The OEM has “partnered with Partserve to run a recycling programme” which reclaims parts from old technology, and also ensures that Epson products are “dealt with responsibly”.

These steps will help to reduce carbon footprints in the office, which in turn is “vital for the conservation of our environment”.





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