Compatech relocates to new warehouse

August 3, 2016

An exterior image of the new warehouse

An exterior image of the new warehouse

The German company has relocated within Wuppertal to a new, larger warehouse and office.

Klaus Baumann, CEO of Compatech, told The Recycler that last year, “we took over the stock and the sales from Sensient for the desktop inks for the whole of Europe”, adding that “we stored round about 30 tonnes of ink. Now we are the exclusive European distributor for Sensient desktop inks. Our old warehouse was too small and not on the current state of technology.

“At the beginning of 2016 we agreed with Embatex AG the distribution of the brand “Emstar” for Germany. For these reasons I decided to move to a new location”. The new site is still in Wuppertal, where Compatech was previously based, and is “only three kilometres from our old site”, according to Baumann, who added that the three-year-old building’s warehouse “has 650 square metres and a height of eight metres”, while the offices have 150 square metres”.

The new location also means Compatech has “space for minimum 650 pallets”, Baumann adding that “now we have plenty of room for further growth in the coming years and the working conditions are very good”. On future plans for expansion, Baumann stated that “now we have to stabilise the new business areas, and then we have to expand them.

“Our product range now consists of: Sensient desktop inks, ink refill supplies, Compatech remanufactured ink cartridges, Compatech rebuilt toner cartridges, Emstar ink cartridges, Emstar rebuilt toner cartridges, OEM inks and toner cartridges, and hardware from Epson, Ricoh and Memjet.

“Another important point of our business is the implementation of customer brands for remanufactured ink cartridges and the rebuilt toner cartridges from Compatech. Three years ago I decided that our main focus will be the inkjet technology. This will also be in the future”.

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Compatech now Emstar distributor for Germany

March 11, 2016

compatech logoThe company will now distribute Embatex’ Emstar brand cartridges in Germany.

Digital Imaging (German) reported on the deal, which will see Compatech provide “Emstar brand toner and inks […] from a single source” in Germany to trade customers. The two companies “recently signed a distribution agreement”, and Compatech will “with immediate effect” distribute Embatex’ Emstar products, with the news site noting that the deal is a “good complement to Compatech’s own brand” and products.

Last May, Compatech was named as Sensient’s European distributor for desktop inks, and CompaTech has been distributing Sensient products “aimed at refilling desktop cartridges” in Germany since 2007, having “developed a strong network” there. It also signed an agreement with Memjet two years ago to distribute its machines in Germany, including the C6010 and C6030 MFP.

Embatex meanwhile was acquired by fellow remanufacturer Turbon last October, after the two companies announced in 2014 that they would be partnering in Europe, specifically in terms of research and development as well as toner cartridge remanufacturing. Christian Wernhart continues as CEO of Embatex and there are no plans to combine the two remanufacturing companies’ sales efforts.

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CompaTech named as Sensient’s European distributor

May 12, 2015

compatech logoThe company has been named as European distributor for the desktop inks portfolio.

Sensient Imaging Technologies SA, a business unit of Sensient Technologies Corporation which recently revealed its quarterly results, has extended its distribution agreement with CompaTech to name the Germany company as its European distributor for desktop inks. CompaTech has been distributing Sensient products “aimed at refilling desktop cartridges” in Germany since 2007, and is said to have “developed a strong network” there.

This network includes “refill shops, industrial refillers and other actors [in] the market”, and the products provided include “a full line of inks, materials and ancillary products” that help it to offer “a high level of service, dedication and efficiency”. The collaboration now expands out of Germany into the rest of Europe, with all customer orders handled by CompaTech since 1 March. The company’s warehouse will be relocated in total to Wuppertal in Germany by 1 June.

Mike Mordente, Sensient’s General Manager for Global Inks, stated: “We are very much looking forward to improving the service to our customers. We are certain that the complement of our products and the offer of CompaTech will be beneficial to the market and enhance the value of our desktop inks.”

Klaus Baumann, CEO of CompaTech, added: “It is a great recognition of our work in the last seven years, which honours the team of CompaTech. We thank you for the trust. CompaTech will be a reliable partner for Sensient in the future. We look forward to the new tasks and a good cooperation.”

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CompaTech announces Memjet promotion

December 3, 2014

C-6000_composite_wSwoosh webGerman distributor launches Christmas promotional campaign for Memjet C6000 series.

Exclusive distributor of Memjet in Germany CompaTech GmbH has announced the launch of a promotional campaign for its range of Memjet C6000 series printers during the festive period, with the offers available until 23 December.

Customers will be able to benefit from deals including “order one Memjet C6010 and get another free”, and “order two Memjet MFP C6030 and get another free”.

The company added that the Memjet C6000 series feature print speeds of up to 60ppm in colour at resolutions of 1600 by 800dpi; as well as “a rigid Memjet print head which prints the continuous paper using 70,400 nozzles”, producing “774 million drops of ink per second”. In addition, the company stated that “the acquisition and operating costs are well below those of previously known inkjet or laser printers” and the energy consumption of the devices is “very low” due to there being “no heating required”.

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Compatech to distribute new Memjet printers in Germany

April 2, 2014

Memjet's C6010 and C6030 MFP

Memjet’s C6010 and C6030 MFP

The distributor will sell the C6010 and C6030 MFP in the German market.

The company reported that the two machines, which can print at speeds of up to 60ppm in colour, will deliver “the industry’s best price-performance ratio” to authorised dealers from this month onwards, and offer print resolutions of up to 1,600 x 1,600dpi in addition to ink tank yields of 4,900 pages in black and 5,500 pages in colour.

The printers feature ink tanks that are refilled, with empty tanks to be sent to Compatech who will use Memjet Business Pro partners and authorised specialists to refill the tanks. Other features of the machines include low energy use of one-tenth the energy of a laser printer, with a maximum power use of 35 watts during printing, in addition to no particulate emissions, a first page print in six seconds, a 250 sheet paper tray, and a recommended monthly volume of 1,000 to 4,000 pages.

The C6010 will retail at a suggested price of €562.94 ($775.12), whilst the C6030 MFP will retail for a suggested price of €756.22 ($1,041.25). Compatech’s CEO Klaus Baumann stated of the launch: “The Memjet printers offer dealers the opportunity to expand their portfolio to serve new audiences and develop new service concepts.”

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Compatech moves premises

September 12, 2013

The distributor has relocated to Wuppertal.Wuppertal

The company’s new address in Wuppertal is on Hahnberger Strasse 137, 42349, and its new telephone number is +49 0202 2589 1450, whilst its new fax number is +49 0202 2429 077. The company can also still be contacted for any further enquiries at [email protected].

Compatech distributes Sensient and Jet Tec products in Germany. More information about how to contact the company can be found on its website here (

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CompaTech GmbH announces third Marketplace conference

August 28, 2012

The conference will see presentations from Sensient and Mitsubishi HiTec Paper Europe and will be attended by Memjet, Epson and others.

Klaus Baumann, CEO of CompaTech GmbH, has announced that the CompaTech Marketplace 2012 conference will be held on 8-9 October and will include a number of international speakers and visitors including Memjet, Sensient and Epson.

Lomond has been provided with top billing, opening the conference at 18:00 on 8 October with a presentation of the Lomond EvoJet 2, following the unveiling of the EvoJet 1 at the 2011 conference.

Sensient’s Frank de Jonge, Mitsubishi HiTec’s Claudia Vogel and abcfinance GmbH’s Frank Spots will be providing presentations on 9 October.

With 2012 being the cartridge suppliers’ third conference, Baumann stated: “After the success in the last two years, we have made it our task to position the CompaTech Marketplace as a communication platform.

“The high number of participants and the feedback on last year’s events has encouraged us in our actions. We want to provide the opportunity for information exchange within CompaTech and the Marketplace.”

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Former Cartridge World UK manager joins Compatech

August 20, 2012

Mark Holland. Credit:

Mark Holland re-enters industry in new role with cartridge supplier after taking year out.

Speaking with The Recycler, Mark Holland explains how he has been looking for the right opportunity to re-enter the remanufacturing industry after being way from up for just over a year.

Formerly working as General Manager for Cartridge World UK, Holland has now taken on a new position representing cartridge supplier Compatech in the UK. The company sells own-label refilled cartridges as well as ink from Sensient and toner from major manufacturers worldwide. Compatech is also an approved distributor of the new Memjet printers. boasting the latest technology in printing.

Holland commented: “I have been in the office supplies business for nearly 20 years.  Being able to use that experience to build my own business and bring quality products and services to the industry was important to me.  But I wasn’t looking for just any opportunity.  I wanted to be able to provide a total solution to the office supplies reseller, and with Klaus Baumann and Compatech I found this.”

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Compatech celebrate successful Remanexpo 2012

March 1, 2012

Highlights include marketing of the EvoJet and Sensient inks.

German distributor Compatech GmbH has celebrated a successful Remanexpo Frankfurt 2012, Europe’s largest aftermarket exhibition, stating “the customer traffic at the booth was remarkable for the four days” and expressing satisfaction at the opportunities the show enabled.

Compatech’s stall was dominated by the presentation of the Lomond EvoJet, which the company will be marketing and distributing. For many, Remanexpo was the first time to see the Memjet technology in action, and few were unimpressed at the 60 colour ppm speed. Klaus Baumann, CEO, also highlighted the refill potential: “As well as low energy consumption, a plus is the refilling of ink cartridges”, which Baumann was eager to stress as core to Compatech’s operations.

“We focus entirely on waste reduction and environmental ideas, and seek to put them into the foreground. We refrain from selling compatible products.”

Compatech also discussed its range of Sensient quality inks at the exhibition, and the expansion of the range of remanufactured cartridges offered. Compatech state that the “environmental aspect should be reflected in the future throughout [its] product range” and commented that the Lomond EvoJet was a perfect fit for this focus.

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