OCP reshuffles sales department

March 3, 2015

ocp - inks made in germanyThe ink manufacturer has announced changes to its sales department “in order to serve our customer needs and technical requests much better”.

The changes will see Dirk Hünselar, previously Sales Manager, move to become Technical Support Manager, while Carsten Edelmeier will take over as Sales Manager., as well as taking over the “customers and markets in Asia and Oceania”.

In turn Hasan Bagli is now responsible for the MEA (Middle East and Africa) market as well as North and South America, and will assist OCP’s South African office “as well as our Tennessee facility” in their “activities in the dedicated markets”. Bagli will also “be responsible for OCP’s distribution partners in Europe”, which will itself be split between Patrick Friedrich and Sebastian Bruder; with the former responsible for Western Europe and the latter for Eastern Europe.

Carsten Edelemeier added that the changes, “especially on the technical support side of our business”, were needed “as we felt the necessity of assisting our customers with technical support better than we did it in the past”.

The company’s management structure was changed in January 2014, with founders Horst Edelmeier and Siegfried Koch becoming members of an Advisory Board, whilst Michael Pohlschmidt was appointed General Manager.

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Xerox comments on Indian budget

March 2, 2015

Rodney Noonoo, Xerox India's CFO

Rodney Noonoo, Xerox India’s CFO

The OEM’s Indian subsidiary’s CFO, Rodney Noonoo, believes the budget is a “positive budget and step in the right direction”.

IT Voice reported Noonoo’s thoughts on the budget, announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and which focuses on increasing growth, CNBC reporting that this would be “aided by a slowed pace of fiscal deficit cuts and a raft of tax measures to put private domestic and foreign capital to work”.

In turn, the outlet noted that the budget was “short on structural reforms, with the government leaving major welfare schemes untouched and only cutting fuel subsidies thanks to a collapse in international oil prices”. Noonoo stated that he thought it was a “positive budget and step in the right direction”, adding that he “appreciate[d] the fiscal discipline and intent to reduce the fiscal deficit”.

He added that the budget had a “spirit of enablement” and “long term growth”, with changes aiming at “bringing a change in the economic and social ecosystem that includes job creation, skill development [and] bridging the social divide”. Aims at “overhauling India’s business environment” and “boosting” its presence in terms of “ease of doing business”, he added, were “commendable”.

In turn, the commitment to allowing tax registration “in two working days” alongside “digitally signed invoices and maintenance of electronic records” would cut down “paper work and red-tapism”, which Noonoo said would be a “significant move in digitising India”, adding that Xerox would “look at working more closely with the government on such projects”.

Planned reductions in corporate tax and on royalties would “complement the efforts of improving investor sentiment and making India the next business destination”, while focusing on infrastructure, power and renewable energy “are also steps in this direction”. Noonoo concluded that the budget “looks to be an outstanding ‘business plan’ with a roadmap for the next five years”, and added that “now it is really up to how well it is executed on the ground”.

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Remanufacturing as an extra service investigated

February 27, 2015

A new research article looks into the positives of manufacturers offering remanufacturing as an additional service to customers. reported on the Journal of Remanufacturing’s latest paper, The manufacturer’s value chain as a service – the case of remanufacturing, which you can download here, and which was produced by David Opresnik and Marco Taisch of the Politecnico di Milano’s Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering.tonerreman

The paper’s abstract notes that manufacturing enterprises around the world “have already largely adopted the product-service strategy into their operations”, but adds that “due to gradual commoditisation of services, manufacturing enterprises will have to further extend this strategy”, with one option being to “servitise not only their final products but also a part of their value chain”, with the aim of “increasing their long-term competitive advantage”.

The article looks at the “application of servitisation to remanufacturing”, as a set of “operational and business competences and processes”, and the authors note that “by offering remanufacturing as a service, manufacturers will create an additional revenue stream”. It analyses the “synergies created from integrating remanufacturing” into a company using a product-service system, and the “impact of offering remanufacturing as a service” from the perspective of “the competitive advantage” of the manufacturer and the consumer.

The authors note that “three main sets of implications” were identified, with the first that the “integration of remanufacturing into a product-service system could increase customer satisfaction” thanks to a “larger service scope and higher service quality”, which would also lower operational costs. In turn, the “higher the level of servitisation, the stronger is the positive impact of remanufacturing”.

The second finding was that servisiting remanufacturing “can substantially increase the competitive advantage of both the provider and the consumer”, and the third and final moved away from “industrially-oriented implications” with a “theoretical contribution”, identified through “the proposal and conceptual validation” of the application of remanufacturing as a service, with all of the evidence gathered “based on established theories” and including “remanufacturing-related industrial cases as a basis for assessment”.

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Ricoh expands reach in Middle East

February 27, 2015

dubaiThe OEM has established Ricoh Middle East to “more directly support customers and partners in key emerging markets” in the region.

The announcement saw the OEM announce that it has set up Ricoh Middle East FTZ to “more directly support customers and partners” in the “key emerging markets” globally and in the region, with the head office to be based in Dubai to “support the entire region with solutions that meet local needs and the demand for new digital office solutions”.

The company will trade as Ricoh Middle East, and will work with existing distributors and partners “to meet their customer needs in the region”, as well as acting as a training centre for the OEM’s products, solutions and services. An innovation centre will also be set up “focusing on furthering research and development in the region”, with Ricoh Middle East joining other hubs in the EMEA region in Russia, South Africa and Turkey.

Ricoh Middle East will be based in the Dubai Airport Free Zone, and will cover 18 countries in the region, including: the UAE; Saudi Arabia; Iran; Oman; Qatar; Egypt; Kuwait; Pakistan; Bahrain; Sudan; Jordan; Iraq; Lebanon; Palestine; Djibouti; Syria; Afghanistan; and Yemen. It will begin operations on 1 April this year under Managing Director Hussein Shehab, and will employ 21 staff.

Kiyoshi Shimizu, General Manager of Ricoh’s Emerging Market Business Centre, commented: “We are excited to strengthen our business in Middle East. Our expansion will enable us to provide customers value proposition and contribute to growing the overall market.”

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DCI/Jet Tec partners with international distributor

February 27, 2015

The remanufacturer has partnered with Stock in the Channel, and expects “positive results” from the deal.dcijettecfactory

The UK-based remanufacturer revealed that it has partnered with “international distributor and leading wholesaler platform” Stock in the Channel, whose web platform receives “over one million view per month” as well as “in excess of 32,000 free-text searches a day”. The site also allows retailers to “search, compare and buy products from multiple distributors”, with over 120 in the UK alone.

DCI/Jet Tec noted that 85 percent of the searches are “coming from resellers”, and added that it is “anticipating positive results from this new partnership”, having already signed up to the site’s UK, French and German platforms. It hopes that the deal allows it to demonstrate its “complete control over the manufacturing and quality processes” of its remanufactured inkjet and toner cartridges, which it notes have made it the “leading brand in Europe”.

Tony Speed, Sales Manager for Jet Tec, stated: “By listing the Jet Tec brand on Stock in the Channel it enables both an industry leading brand and platform to expand its reach within the UK and European reseller market. Our existing resellers can use Stock in the Channel to view stock levels and their bespoke pricing, whilst opening the opportunity for new resellers to access the Jet Tec brand.

“With toner being the single most searched for category and inkjets being the fourth, we are confident that the partnership will be a success!”

The company added that it has recently launched new remanufactured cartridges for Samsung, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Dell and Kyocera ranges, reaching over 700 products in its range. Two of its employees, Tammy Studholme, General Manager and Abigail Cooper, DCI Account Manager, will run the London Marathon on 26 April for the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), and you can sponsor them here.

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HP reports further declines

February 25, 2015

HP CEO Meg Whitman

HP CEO Meg Whitman

The OEM’s first quarter results saw revenue and cash flow decline.

The results, commented on by PC World, were said to paint a “bleak forecast” for the OEM ahead of its split into two separate companies later this year, as reported last year.

Net revenue fell five percent to $26.8 billion (€23.6 billion), while cash flow from operations fell 75 percent to $744 million (€655 million), and net profit fell four percent to $1.4 billion (€1.2 billion). On a segment basis, the Printing sector saw revenue fall five percent compared to last year, with total hardware units down four percent, commercial hardware units flat and consumer hardware units down by six percent, while supplies revenue fell five percent.

The Personal Systems unit meanwhile saw flat revenue, with commercial revenue falling by one percent and consumer revenue growing by two percent, while total PC shipments up nine percent – though this saw notebooks up by 21 percent and desktops down by seven percent. In the Enterprise group, revenue was again flat, while other areas saw mostly declines, and Enterprise Services revenue declined by 11 percent across the board. Finally, software revenue fell five percent, while Financial Services revenue was down by eight percent.

PC World noted that the OEM has in turn “lowered its financial outlook” for 2015, despite CEO Meg Whitman’s attempts to “get HP in shape” before the split in October, and the OEM itself pointed out that the US dollar having “strengthened considerably” has had a “significant impact” on its predictions for the future. PC World stated that the strong dollar’s “negative effects” include “making overseas sales seem smaller when they’re translated back into the home currency”.

Whitman stated: “With the first quarter of fiscal 2015 now behind us, the HP turnaround remains on track. We grew operating profit margins across all of our major business segments, increased investment in innovation, and executed well across key areas of our portfolio and in our separation activities. Our progress continues as we head into Q2.

“While we were able to manage the impact of currency in the quarter and deliver earnings as expected, we believe the impact on FY15 will be significantly greater than we anticipated in November. We’ll work hard to offset these impacts through re-pricing and productivity, but fully mitigating currency movements of this size would require reducing investments and mortgaging our future. We won’t do that.”

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Totalpost provides complete document handling system

February 23, 2015

Lifecycle diagram 1 low resThe franking cartridge remanufacturer and mailroom provider created the system to “help customers save money” through “streamlining processes and consolidating suppliers”.

The company stated that it launched the “end-to-end document handling system” to help its customers save money through “streamlining processes and consolidating suppliers”, noting that the system – which has been called ‘Lifecycle of a Document’ – “incorporates many of the products and services” that the company provides, including print management and mailroom auditing.

This allows Totalpost to “advise customers on all aspects of document management”, ranging from the “conception” of the document right through to printing, finishing and mailing, and including folding and inserting – with “efficiencies” listed in each section of document management. In turn, it also provides “inbound mail services” such as processing of returned mail and archiving of documents.

At conception, the company offers “template creation” and “address correction”, while during workflow the “efficiencies” include “process monitoring” and “digitising documents”. Moving onto print “efficiencies”, Totalpost offers MPS, printing, copying, software, envelope printing and “reduced paper waste”; while mailroom offerings are “inbound and outbound”, and include franking machines, “hybrid” mail, mailroom equipment, mail handling and x-ray security screening. Finally, the archiving services include “going paperless” and “improving archiving processes”.

The company noted that its deals over the last year, including becoming a Ricoh dealer last March, acquiring Mailing and Mechanisation UK Ltd. and becoming an exclusive distributor for Muller earlier this year have allowed it to “expand further into” the mailroom and print industry.

David Hymers, Managing Director of Totalpost, commented: “We are always striving to find new ways to help our customers save money. By bringing our services together under one system we are able to offer greater efficiencies to customers. We have been working on building a sensible document lifecycle system for some time and I am pleased that we now have all the elements in place to be able to provide this.”

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Brother looks to grow in Thai market

February 23, 2015

ThailandThe OEM is aiming to grow by 18 percent through focusing on “customer, cost, convenience and communication”.

Nation Multimedia reported on Brother’s aims to focus on a “4C strategy = customers, cost, convenience and communication – to grow its business in Thailand by 18 percent. The OEM aims to release over 10 new inkjet and laser printers, as well as scanners, for “all segments”, including SOHO, SMBs, home users, corporations and governmental agencies.

In terms of cost, it’s looking to provide products “that offer performance at a reasonable price, which will ensure that value is passed on to customers”, while it is also intending to expand its sales network in the Thai provinces, including “providing its products at modern trade outlets in order to reach individual customers”, offering the ‘convenience’ aspect of the “4C” strategy.

Brother is also intending to offer convenience through service centres in the provinces, while from a communication perspective, the OEM is creating a marketing campaign in every segment to “maximise buyers’ purchasing power”, alongside a “cool” marketing campaign to support customers and social media to “enhance awareness of the brand, as well as customer satisfaction”.

Teerawut Supapunpinyo, Director of Sales and Marketing at Brother Commercial (Thailand), commented: “We will provide products to support demand for all our customers. Meanwhile, we also have specially designed products such as laser printers to meet demand in the region, including in Thailand.

“I think the company this year will achieve double-digit revenue growth as the economy continues to expand, especially in manufacturing and other industrial sectors, which will drive the market as a whole.”

Other areas the OEM is intending to improve include “providing e-learning for technical training and soft-skill training for technical support” through its 139 authorised service centres, and the growth target was generated after 10 percent growth was seen in the last financial year. 90 percent of the revenue for the OEM comes from printers, while 65 percent comes from Greater Bangkok alone, and Brother aims to “increase revenue from the upcountry market” to around 40 percent.

Tomoyuki Fujimoto, Managing Director, added: “We can see the potential of every department in terms of steadily pushing the business towards growth. The overall picture for Brother worldwide, from April to December 2014, was one

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ECi launches new service technology website

February 20, 2015

ecilogoThe software provider’s new site will provide information on the “benefits” of its ERP software and offerings.

The company announced the launch of the service technology website, noting that it provides information to users about its e-automate ERP (enterprise resource planning) service and technology, other service technology products it produces, and “news about ECi and the service technology industry”.

With the e-automate software used by “more than 1,400 companies around the world”, ECi added that the new site is “part of the rebranding process” for the technology, stating that it aims to “bring it further in alignment with the ECi family of companies”. It also commented that the rebranding “highlights ECi’s mission of furnishing independent businesses with resources to remain competitive and profitable”, with a “self-service atmosphere” on the site allowing users to learn more themselves.

Among these features include the ability to “sign up for demos and educational webinars and resources”, as well as “contact a sales representative” or “find upcoming tradeshows”, and the company hopes to broaden its customer base, which includes “office equipment dealers as well as other companies that sell and service technology”, noting that e-automate “helps streamline” business processes as well as tying together “all aspects of service-centric businesses”.

Laryssa Alexander, President of ECi’s Service Technology Group, commented: “We are excited to launch this new resource to give both customers and prospects easy access to information about ECi e-automate software products and services. With a wealth of information available, the new site will be a great place to learn how ERP software can benefit the growing service technology provider.”

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TROY Group moves into cartridge supplies

February 18, 2015

The security printing products manufacturer will now sell printer cartridges and office products.troy logo

The company, which call itself a “worldwide leader in the printing and management of security documents”, now supplies a wide range of office products to “fulfil office needs”, including paper, writing supplies, cleaning products, desktop supplies and mailroom goods, while a “full ink and toner assortment” is now available for products from HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark and other OEMs.

TROY Group added that it will continue to produce “speciality” security printing products such as application software, hardware and “specialised consumables” for cheques, money orders and prescriptions, while more than 20 nationwide distribution warehouses will allow it to offer “same or next business day shipment”, with delivery in one to three business days.

Larry Landtiser, Executive Vice President and General Manager of TROY, commented: “We’re entering into a new era at TROY. That means expanding our offerings, and office supplies are a great addition to our business that can open a lot of doors for our future.”

The company reported two years ago that it was helping the US Department of Homeland Security in investigations it was conducting against identity fraud.

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